Museum shopping #01: Victoria and Albert 02/02/17

Yesterday’s post about Egyptian motifs led me to think about other ways of shopping for styles from the ancient world. And that took me to thoughts about museum shops. For those of us who cannot get to see wonderful exhibitions and then browse around (and spend loads of money) in the shop afterwards, it is nice to see that a lot of the famous museums have well stocked online shops.

As I am in bed (again) today, after collapsing in the kitchen shortly after lunch, I decided that I would have a look at a few of the nicest museum shops and start a series of collages for the occasions when it is not worth posting an outfit of the day.

Today, I am inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The collages below show just a few of their lovely items for sale online. There are so many different styles available to suit all kinds of tastes.


Victoria and Albert Museum shop collage #01

Victoria and Albert Museum shop collage #02

Victoria and Albert Museum shop collage #02

I have definitely worn those stockings back in the day! Now, I rather fancy the floral peace symbol brooch. 😍

I did finish a book yesterday: “The Reckoning” by Jane Casey. Her Maeve Kerrigan series is great and I am now filling in the gaps. Goodreads is great for this as you can check out which books are in a series and then request them from the local library – which is exactly what I do! I am slowly putting everything I can remember reading onto Goodreads as I think of them – this will be a whole lot of books!

The Reckoning by Jane Casey

The Reckoning by Jane Casey

My next read will be “The Good Girl” by Mary Kubica – another found as a result of browsing in the library. 😀

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

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