Wardrobe planning #13: Bangles and bracelets – #01 Enamel bangles

Before I retired, I hardly ever wore bracelets and only owned a small number. I wore a watch on my left wrist every day and did not like the feel of a bracelet in addition. My right wrist was bare because I used a computer mouse at work and a bracelet or bangle got in the way. It was only when I retired that I began to get interested in this form of jewellery. I kept seeing pretty stacks of bracelets on fashion blogs and fell in love with the idea. Well chosen bracelets can really pull an outfit together or link to a colour in a scarf and create interest.

Halcyon Days enamel bangles

Halcyon Days enamel bangles

Enamel bangles

I came to enamel bangles because of my love of Hermès scarves. When I had bought a few, I started to explore the main Hermès website and found their gorgeous Clic H and Clic Clac H in beautiful colours. There was no way that I could afford up to £500! There are also patterned bangles from over £300 for the cheapest to over £500 for the wider ones. Here are some examples – yes, they are truly stunning:

So, I could not afford Hermès. Instead I began to search for other enamel bangles and could only find the kind we used to wear back in the 80s, a kind of cloisonné like these:

Vintage enamel cloisonné bangles

Vintage enamel cloisonné bangles


Then, I came across the firm Halcyon Days and saw that they had a range, on their own website and on others’, of hinged bangles in several colours, patterns and widths. Whilst the colours were not as many or as subtle as the Hermès ones, they were much more within my range, especially when I began to find them in sales and on eBay.

I think I now have about 15 of them, mainly in “my” colours: coral, blue, turquoise, white, purple and animal print, with one rogue red one. They go with just about everything that I wear – clothes, scarves and other accessories – and look lovely in stacks as they all fit together. Anyway, the following pictures show some of the range in all its glory.

There are even some with cute animals on them, such as butterflies, owls and elephants. New styles are added quite often – I have my eye on the “bluebell” colour, which would fit nicely into my wardrobe colours. The range also extends to necklaces and earrings, although those are not available in many styles or colours. Probably just as well for my bank account!

Halcyon Days also do more expensive patterned bangles, like these, which sometimes come up on eBay:

In a previous post, I wrote that Liberty of London are now doing their own enamel bangles, which are very similar in shape. This is my first one, but I will have to save hard to get any more:

Liberty of London Hera enamel bangle

Liberty of London Hera enamel bangle

In case anyone gets the idea that I only like expensive accessories, one of my favourite enamel bangles only cost a few pounds from a garden centre. This one in white enamel and silver metal:

White enamel and silver metal bangle

White enamel and silver metal bangle

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please bear in mind that I am not being paid to share these accessories with you! Next week, I am going to post about my leather bracelets and also storage.😍😍😍

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