Wardrobe planning #14: Bangles and bracelets – #02 Leather bracelets

This is the second of a two-part piece about bangles and bracelets. Here is a shortcut to last week’s post: Wardrobe planning #13: Bangles and bracelets – #01 Enamel bangles.

Before I retired, I hardly ever wore bracelets and only owned a small number. I wore a watch on my left wrist every day and did not like the feel of a bracelet in addition. My right wrist was bare because I used a computer mouse at work and a bracelet or bangle got in the way. It was only when I retired that I began to get interested in this form of jewellery. I kept seeing pretty stacks of bracelets on fashion blogs and fell in love with the idea.

This is what I wrote before last week’s post about enamel bangles, today we are going to look at leather bracelets and storage.

Leather bracelets

I love leather wrap bracelets as they give a modern twist to most outfits. I don’t think they look too “mutton” on older women either. Well, perhaps someone younger might think so, but I don’t care!

Hermès do a range of gorgeous leather bracelets, such as their iconic Collier de Chien. Again, there is no way I could afford these:

Collier de Chien bracelet - Hermès

Collier de Chien bracelet – Hermès

At first, I did buy a couple of very cheap leather wrap bracelets from sites such as Etsy, but then I found Ferragamo. Their leather bracelets come in a number of styles and colours, and they do sales twice each year, which usually brings the price right down. I have four now, two Gancio and two Vara Bow bracelets, and I may add more if I see the right colours in the sales.

Leather bracelets - Ferragamo

Leather bracelets – Ferragamo

I also have two other leather bracelets: this one in white leather and gold from Tory Burch and another in brown, black and leopard print snake skin from Aspinal. Both were bought in sales. The links for these two companies can be found in the sidebar.

White leather and gold bracelet - Tory Burch

White leather and gold bracelet – Tory Burch

Snake skin and gold bangle - Aspinal

Snake skin and gold bangle – Aspinal

In fact, Aspinal do a lovely range of bracelets and bangles in leather and snake skin. Their colours are stunning too:


I have a nice jewellery box which is large enough to hold my small collection of jewellery, but when I started adding in new bangles and bracelets, it was not big enough. Also, I tend not to wear things if they are hidden in drawers, so I decided to look for something that could hold the enamel bangles. I keep the leather Ferragamo ones in their original packaging – it is very nice.

After looking around for a while, I found lots of images of other people’s solutions to this issue. Many of the tPF members have large closets with wonderful display/storage systems for their Hermès bangles. I found a cheaper version via eBay and it works very well for me, even if I have to remember to get out the duster quite often! Sorry the image is so small, sadly the supplier no longer stocks these at the date of writing this post, perhaps they may re-stock. There are loads of similar items available.

Acrylic bangle stands

Acrylic bangle stands

I hope readers have enjoyed this post today. It has been fun to write. By the way, I only show items like this for enjoyment, no one is paying me to! I like to share the accessories I have found. 😍😍😍

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