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Scarf of the moment: Dans un Jardin Anglais

I love this scarf so much! It is my fantasy of how my own English garden should look with gorgeous trees in blossom, beautifully planted flower beds in bloom, ponds and structures with animals, insects and birds moving across the … Continue reading

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Update 29/06/17

Life has been hard for me this week. Lovely Husband and I have been struggling badly with our health and worries and this does not lead to harmonious living. The atmosphere in our home has resulted in my mental health … Continue reading

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Reading roundup 28/06/17

I have read three books since last week’s Roundup, two by Linda Fairstein and one by Ann Cleeves. I seem to be on a roll at the moment with crime/mystery fiction and these were no exception. Perhaps, when I next … Continue reading

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Outfit of the day 27/06/17

This has not been a good day, so I will simply post my outfit and hope that things improve tomorrow ☹️. Today’s outfit: Modal blouse in aqua, teal, tan and pink – Massimo Dutti. If you are a follower of … Continue reading

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Wardrobe planning #25: Costume jewellery – #02 Earrings and bracelets

There was a fabulous set of posts on The Purse Forum last week. The Scarf of the Day thread had a theme of necklaces with scarves and some of the photos were amazing. It is really worth a look. It … Continue reading

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Update 23/06/17: For “Older Ladies”!

As I have spent most of the day reading in my pyjamas, I thought that I would simply post this great video for your amusement. As an “older lady” myself, I love both the song and the video! I hope … Continue reading

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Outfit of the day 22/06/17

Thank goodness today has been cooler. Yesterday was unbearable. I felt unable to breathe for most of the evening and was so unwell that I couldn’t even concentrate enough to read! So, I have been resting for most of today. … Continue reading

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