Wardrobe planning #24: Costume jewellery – #01 Horn and necklaces

I have collected a lot of jewellery over the years, much of it fairly inexpensive costume pieces. Most of it fits quite well into my colour wheel so that it goes with my clothing choices and I now make sure that I bear my colours in mind when I buy new items. I also have more expensive jewellery, that I wear often, but I have decided that it would not be a particularly good idea to post about that, for obvious reasons.

You will already have seen quite a lot of my “bling” over the past months, but I want to share some of my favourite pieces in this post. I have already written about my Halcyon Days enamel and Ferragamo leather bracelets, so I will not repeat those, but I will mention some bracelets that I have not already shown in the next post. This week I am posting about my horn jewellery collection, some sentimental items and also necklaces and pendants.


I think I have shown most of my horn items already, but here they are all in one place. I love the natural horn pieces – the shades of dark brown to cream go well with many of my clothes. The lacquer comes in a rainbow of colours. This is a starter collection, I suppose, as I intend to get some more items in the future. I would like pendants in blue and also cream at some point. I may also buy some more earrings. Perhaps some smaller ones.

Horn jewellery

Horn jewellery

The purple pendant is see-through in that the lacquer finish is thinner and allows you to see the pattern of the horn. It is also only on one side so it can be flipped over and worn with the natural brown horn side. Both pendants are on adjustable cords. These items look good all year round.

This horn jewellery was purchased for very reasonable prices from several Etsy stores, including QueCraft. Some of these stores are no longer in business, but new ones seem to have since joined, so I am sure that items like these would be easy to find. Of course, Hermès has its own horn jewellery range, but this costs £££ and so is way out of my league!

Oh, and here is a horn bangle from another source – Pia.

Horn bangle - Pia

Horn bangle – Pia


Jewellery sets

Jewellery sets and sentiments

These all have sentimental attachments for me! The small silver bell on the left was bought for me by Lovely Husband from an antique shop on the Pulteney Bridge in Bath on our honeymoon. The other sets were presents from family members: a bracelet and earrings with tiny flowers set in resin and a necklace and earrings in peachy-beige and gold enamel from Pilgrim.

Necklaces and pendants

Necklaces #01

Necklaces #01

I seem to have collected quite a few beaded necklaces over the years, together with some made from shells. Top left is in blue, white and gold beads; the centre necklace has brown, white, gold and some blue. One shell piece is teal and brown and the other turquoise and lime green on a brown cord. The one on the bottom right is made of silk, in shades of blue, turquoise and pink, and was a gift from my Mum.

Necklaces modelled!

Necklaces modelled!

This is what they all look like when worn. The necklace in the centre is quite heavy; the silk one is so soft and light against my neck.

Necklaces #02

Necklaces #02

As you can see, you really do not have to spend a lot on costume jewellery. You can still get something that will make an impact or nicely finish an outfit for very little. The most expensive piece here is the amber rope necklace; the most inexpensive is probably the shell pendant in that I have had it since I was thirteen! The large crystal and silver pendant looks great in the Winter with my “snowflake” earrings and I have already shown the blue topaz and silver pendant in a previous post. The leaf skeleton pendant was purchased from Wallis a few years ago and I bought the turquoise and gold tassel beaded necklace from an eBay trader, BOHO-LANE. I could love something similar in purple.

Next week, I will show you some more of my earrings and bracelets.

Best wishes,


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