Wardrobe planning #25: Costume jewellery – #02 Earrings and bracelets

There was a fabulous set of posts on The Purse Forum last week. The Scarf of the Day thread had a theme of necklaces with scarves and some of the photos were amazing. It is really worth a look. It made me think about my own collection of jewellery and how I have not tried to marry scarves and necklaces myself. I may try that one day, although I am always wary of overdoing accessories and looking too much like a Christmas Tree! The Purse Forum members did make me feel a bit inadequate, though. Here I am, showing my paltry collection of cheap and cheerful costume jewellery and there they were in absolute finery! Ah well, I am not in their class, but I do try to make my small budget stretch as far as I can and I do try to choose pieces which will enhance my clothes. I do the best that I can with limited funds 😀.


This week, I am going to show just a tiny part of my earring collection. Since I had my ears pierced when I was 19 – my Mum was resolutely against me doing this and so I had to wait until I left home for Uni – I have bought, and made, probably hundreds of earrings. And lost quite a few too over the years.

Earrings #01

Earrings #01

Here are a few in blue, turquoise and teal. Clockwise from the top right: turquoise resin from Kenneth Jay Lane via Net-A-Porter; glass studs in silver, blue and bronze (a present from my Mum); pretty multi-coloured earrings from San Francisco (a present from my sister); teal sparkly chandeliers; blue glass; aqua and silver heart-shaped. You will already have seen most of these on this blog. Lovely Husband calls the turquoise resin pair my “Pat Butcher” earrings! Well, perhaps they are a bit OTT, but I like wearing them in the Summer with minimal accessories and perhaps a t-shirt dress and simple sandals.

Earrings #02

Earrings #02

Again, clockwise from the top right: silver Celtic style; gold Ancient Egyptian style (from the exhibition at the O2 in 2008); sparkly crystal snowflakes; Art-Deco style; adaptable grey crystal Swarovskis – they can be worn with or without the detachable dangles; gold and pink pearl (thanks to my Mum again).

Soutache earrings

Soutache earrings

I found a new interest a while ago – soutache. It involves braid and beads used in amazing ways to create jewellery and clothing. These are two of the pairs of earrings that I bought from traders on Etsy. If you want to see some amazing examples of soutache, please look at these images on Google. I really wish I had the dexterity and skill to make my own! Anyway, I will definitely add some more to my jewellery box, when I see the right ones for my colours.


I have already shown my collection of Halcyon Days hinged enamel bangles and my Ferragamo, Aspinal and Tory Burch leather bracelets. These are some others I have collected, which I think particularly match my colours.

Bracelets and bangles #01

Bracelets and bangles #01

Clockwise from the top left: turquoise chips; turquoise and gold beads; blue, white and clear beads with shell – from South Africa (present from my sister); peacock feather acrylic; turquoise, teal and aqua set; teal glass beads and silver (I have the matching necklace too).

Here are some miscellaneous bracelets and bangles. Clockwise from the top left: chocolate brown leather and smoky quartz wrap; white enamel and silver hinged; gold leather and chain wrap from Cadenzza; faux brown snake hinged from Wallis; coral and gold set; gold and crystal.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through my cheap and cheerful collection. Next week, I am thinking of revisiting the issue of documenting and recording clothing, accessories and other items. Some recent incidents have made me think about this a lot more.

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Wardrobe planning #25: Costume jewellery – #02 Earrings and bracelets

  1. Pudfish says:

    Those soutache earring are divine! Never heard of soutache before, now I want it!


    • The Librain says:

      There are some glorious pieces around. I think it comes from eastern Europe as I have seen some bridal sets from there. Some are made with pleated silk as well. They can be made in muted colours or really bright multi-colours. Amazing work!


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