Update 28/08/17

It is such a beautiful day here in the English Midlands. Over the weekend I managed to sit reading in the garden and do quite a few useful tasks, which felt good. Today, unfortunately, I am having a relapse so am sitting in bed again looking wistfully out of the window.

To make myself feel a bit better, I have spent some money in the sales this afternoon. Oh dear, it is so hard to resist online sales! When you see what I have bought, don’t mention Teresa May…

Leopard print loafers by Ted and Muffy

Leopard print loafers by Ted and Muffy

I mentioned leopard print the other week and how I have a bit of a weakness for it. When I saw these loafers, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I hope they fit well. I have bought other items from Ted and Muffy in the past and they have been fine. Remember my tan ankle boots?

Tan ankle boots by Ted and Muffy

Tan ankle boots by Ted and Muffy

I hope that this gorgeous weather lasts a while longer so that I can sit outside again.

Best wishes,


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3 Responses to Update 28/08/17

  1. Elizabeth Bentley says:

    Love the shoes. I hadn’t heard of the makers before. Will have to check them out. My main shoe loves are Tracey Neulls and Miista.


  2. Julie says:

    Also love the shoes. I am with you on the leopard. Loving your blog. Afraid that it is fuelling my passion the Hermes scarves though. How sad that I am looking forward to the cooler weather so that I can wear my new scarves. Looking forward to seeing any new scarfy purchases of yours. Best wishes


  3. Pudfish says:

    Lovely lovey shoes! Love leopard skin, I have at least 3 pairs in this pattern! Also I have some brown ankle boots very similar to yours, I must wear them now autumn is here.x


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