Diet and exercise plan #02: 27/07/18

Every Friday I am hoping to be able to write out my exercise levels from the week before and perhaps any relevant comments about my diet. I will measure myself monthly and wait until my November hospital appointment to be weighed.

The freshest apple by Theo Crazzolara on Flickr

The freshest apple by Theo Crazzolara on Flickr

Exercise last week

Friday 20/07/18:

  • Fetched my own breakfast instead of asking Elder Son.
  • Walked around the block (10 mins). Reasonably quick pace. Result: raised heart rate, some wheezing, but recovered quite quickly.
  • Went out to the Library and then to supermarket café, so some more walking.
  • Slightly more active around the house. Made my own lunch and got my own drinks most of the time.

Saturday 21/07/18

  • Fetched my own breakfast.
  • Walked around the block (9 mins). At almost my normal pace from before I was ill. Slightly puffed but nothing much.
  • Some activity around the house. Made my own lunch etc.
  • Sat in garden reading for two hours in the afternoon.

Sunday 22/07/18

  • Very poor night’s sleep due to highly stressful evening. Woke up very early feeling ill.
  • Breakfast brought to me.
  • No walk as I was too ill. Did go downstairs for a couple of hours and made own lunch.
  • In bed for most of the day.

Monday 23/07/18

  • Walked around the block in 9 mins and recovered quickly.
  • Made all of my own drinks and meals until evening meal.
  • Stayed downstairs for around 6 hours, including reading in the garden.

Tuesday 24/07/18

  • Very poor night’s sleep due to heat. Ill all day and stayed in bed.
  • Went downstairs a couple of times to make drinks and meals.
  • Coughing fit whilst eating lunch.

Wednesday 25/07/18

  • Very hot day but managed to walk around the block in 10 minutes with quick recovery.
  • Most meals brought to me by family members.
  • Most of day spent in bed struggling with the heat.

Thursday 26/07/18

  • Extremely hot day. Walked around the block a bit slower than usual and took longer to recover.
  • Stayed downstairs for a couple of hours but returned to bed.
  • Struggling to breathe in the heat.

Friday 27/07/18

  • Another very hot day. Unable to walk as I was feeling totally debilitated.
  • Stayed in bed with multiple fans on.
  • Managed to make some meals and drinks myself, involving going up and down the stairs a few times.

I am wondering why on Earth I picked this week to start my exercise programme! It has been one of the hottest ever in England. Anyway, I have done my best to increase my exercise levels and I have also kept to my diet plan with only one “naughty” addition – an iced lolly that Younger Son brought home for me the other day as a nice surprise.

The weather is due to change over the next few days with a lot of rain forecast and much lower temperatures, so I should be able to recover a bit and carry on with my plans. I will post again next Friday so that I can keep a record of what I am doing in the hopes that this stops me from giving up!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


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The Freshest Apple by Theo Crazzolara on Flickr

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