Diet and exercise plan #03: 03/08/18

Every Friday I am hoping to be able to write out my exercise levels from the week before and perhaps any relevant comments about my diet. I will measure myself every four weeks and wait until my November hospital appointment to be weighed.

Red and Green Bell Peppers by Geoffrey Coelho on Flickr

Red and Green Bell Peppers by Geoffrey Coelho on Flickr

Exercise last week

Saturday 28/07/18:

  • Felt very ill after poor sleep.
  • Elder Son brought breakfast and made my lunch.
  • Managed walk around the block in the afternoon. Walked quickly with long strides and finished in under 8 mins. Short recovery time.

Sunday 29/07/18:

  • Ill all day and spent most of it in bed. Managed a few small tasks, but very little.

Monday 30/07/18:

  • Feeling better today. Didn’t walk around the block, but managed to sort out items for the charity shop and tip, organise them in the car, drive with Younger Son and then walk around the supermarket.
  • Tidied bedroom and changed the bed. So reasonable activity levels.

Tuesday 31/07/18:

  • Much better today. Walked to the Post Office and round a larger block than usual. No issues at all and very quick recovery.
  • Several household tasks completed, including some done in the evening.

Wednesday 01/08/18:

  • Feeling good about myself today. Walked around the larger block in good time with a quick recovery.
  • Completed several tasks that involved some strength. A bit wheezy afterwards, but definitively feeling stronger.

Thursday 02/08/18:

  • Hotter weather so have been very inactive today ☹️.

Friday 03/08/18:

  • Perhaps I made the wrong choice today. Had a bad night and was sick. Woke up feeling ill. Very hot and tired.
  • Dragged myself out for a walk around the block. Completed it, but felt poorly when I got home.
  • Went back to bed for the rest of the day. Mostly inactive.

So, this was an up and down kind of week, dependent on the temperature. On the cooler days, I did really well and could feel that I was making progress both physically and mentally. The warmer days, however, knocked me back to the extent that I couldn’t even go for a walk on two days. Still, I am pleased that I am largely managing to stick to my exercise plan.

I will consult my personal trainer (Lovely Husband) for next week’s plan of action. Should I add in my chair gym at this stage, or stick to walking for now? I am sure that he will have a strong opinion, knowing him!

As for my diet, I am also doing quite well with this and haven’t given in to the temptation to eat crisps or cakes. One thing I do have to watch is portion size. My chaps often make up a plate for me and tend to put on the quantity of food that they would eat, not the amount that I should have!

Anyway, I will post my next update on Friday.

Best wishes,


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Red and Green Bell Peppers by Geoffrey Coelho on Flickr

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2 Responses to Diet and exercise plan #03: 03/08/18

  1. Kim says:

    Good job!!!! But please look at getting the Activ5 for any type of workout- I think it would benefit you greatly


    • The Librain says:

      I have had a look, but it is quite expensive and I think I can use things that I already own. Plus, DH was a PE teacher and gives me lots of advice. I may come back to it later on, though. Thanks so much for your continued encouragement. X


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