Diet and exercise plan #04: 10/08/18

Every Friday I am hoping to be able to write out my exercise levels from the week before and perhaps any relevant comments about my diet. I will measure myself every four weeks and wait until my November hospital appointment to be weighed.

Chair gym

Chair gym

Oh dear! This turned into a really rubbish week in terms of exercise. I had hoped that I would be able to carry on the good work of the previous two weeks and also add in sessions using the Chair Gym, but it was not to be. The heat at the beginning really knocked me back and I spent most days in bed gasping for breath. At the end of the week, I was unwell and in a very bad place mentally. So, exercise has taken a back seat although I did keep to my diet plan, despite Lovely (grrrrr) Husband buying chocolate cake! Chocolate cake, I tell you!

Anyway, here is what has happened since last Saturday.

Exercise last week

Saturday 04/08/18:

  • Bad day. Very low physically and mentally. No exercise but did try to do things for myself, including going up and down the stairs several times, and I did keep to the diet.

Sunday 05/08/18:

  • Another poor day. Very hot and felt poorly and weak all day. Tried to do a few things myself. Kept to diet.

Monday 06/08/18:

  • Oh dear, another bad day. Coughing a lot and wheezing so cannot exercise.

Tuesday 07/08/18:

  • A lot better today. Up early for an appointment so managed a walk around the block as well. Felt a bit stiff in my hips, but recovered fairly quickly.

Wednesday 08/08/18:

  • Poorly again today as I had quite a bad night with lots of coughing. Did manage some housework tasks, including dashing outside to bring in the washing as it was raining!

Thursday 09/08/18:

  • Very low physically and mentally so ended up in bed all day. Elder Son looked after me by bringing me cups of tea and making my meals.

Friday 10/08/18:

  • Improvement today. Got up and went for a walk. Was very wheezy when I got home and also very tired, but I managed a few household tasks.

All I can say about this week is “onwards and upwards”. Let’s hope things get better next week.

Happy weekend to you all and best wishes,


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