School libraries

Before I retired in 2014, I was a school librarian for many years, with seven years “off” bringing up our two lads. My old Librain blog was all about the wonderful profession of school librarianship, but ill-health, both physical and mental wreaked havoc with my ability to even think about my beloved career, never mind be the feisty, battling and probably annoying Librain who campaigned for better school library provision. These days, I can just about manage to enter a public library (even that was almost impossible when I first left work), and I am sometimes able to read professional articles posted by my friends and former colleagues. But the fight has gone out of me, or perhaps it has gone dormant for a while.

When I relaunched, I intended this blog to avoid controversial issues in the main and concentrate on the more trivial aspects of my current lifestyle – fashion and accessories – with a bit of a diary thrown in. I cannot avoid, however, thinking about what I considered to be my vocation. Well, it was actually my Mum who called it that, many years ago!

So, for now, I will put back a couple of pages on this blog, showing my career, and may occasionally manage to post something pertinent. But that will not happen often, unless my mental health improves or a Labour Government is elected!