Tribute to my Dad

William Alfred Davy (Bill)



6th October 1930 – 15th September 2003

Memories of my Dad:

  • Following you around the garden when I was little.
  • Swinging between you and Mum when we were on a walk.
  • Telling us silly stories Jack and the Three Bears, Goldilocks and the Beanstalk.
  • Giant Billy Goat Gruff living in Dover Castle, so you said!
  • Dressing up and joking at our birthday parties.
  • Daddy’s little walks that had a cream tea at the end.
  • Daddy’s little drives that were not “little” at all.
  • Trips to the seaside, dabbling in rock pools.
  • Trying to teach me to swim, ride a bicycle and drive!
  • Watching Westerns and Adventure films with you on a Saturday teatime.
  • Working hard and achieving so much.
  • Using the salt and pepper and ketchup bottles to demonstrate the moves in a bowls match.
  • Your silly sense of humour.
  • Strong views about the world, often different to mine!
  • Loving hugs.
  • Following the contours.
  • Believing that I would go to University.
  • Being quietly proud of our achievements.
  • Reliable and always ready with advice when needed.
  • Your speech at our wedding.
  • Reading with children in your local school.
  • Supporting us through difficult times.
  • Talking on the phone on a Friday evening.
  • Your enormous courage at the end.

At my Dad’s funeral on 29th September 2003, I read this poem:

“I Am”

Listen to the wind sighing
through the trees,
you will hear my voice
carried soft upon the breeze.
When the playful wind
caresses your cheek, be sure to listen,
for you will hear me speak.
Turn and greet the wind
with a smiling face
for it is only me and my fond embrace.
Lift up your face to the gentle rain
and I will help
to wash away your pain.
~~ ~ ~~
Look out at the sparkling,
dancing sea and quietly think of me.
I am every wavelet gently lapping,
I am every swell.
you will hear me softly murmur,
be at peace for all is well.
I am the soft and gentle hush
before dawn is shrilly spoken.
Watch for the cheeky Robin,
the gentle Wren,
because for you they are my token.
~ ~~~ ~
I am of the earth and of the sky,
I am every Rook and Seagull’s cry.
I am every colour
in all the Autumn leaves,
I am close beside you
when silently you grieve.
I am in soft scented woods
and the salty breeze.
I am each and every one of these!

Sadie Freeman

This poem was found on the following website:
I have asked permission to use it, but have not had any reply at this time (18/10/03). If I am refused at a later date, I will remove the poem.

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