Scarf of the moment: Lazy Leopardesses

As I write this post, the new Hermès Autumn/Winter 20/21 designs are emerging and we are now able to purchase from the lovely range of scarves, twillies and shawls. At first (this usually happens to me), I had my eye on some designs, but, as the images began to appear online, I completely changed my mind!

My (first?) delivery of the season was Lazy Leopardesses by Arlette Ess. This is a 90×90 cm silk twill scarf in colourway #03, Rose Vif, Anthracite, Miel:

Lazy Leopardesses by Arlette Ess for Hermès


This scarf is really a study in pattern and colour and, if you care to follow some of the links below to Ess’s work, you will discover she has designed other scarves like this before. Here, a group of five leopardesses lie in a languid, tangled heap, showing their glossy spotted coats. In colourway #03, some of the cats are depicted in lovely honey/beiges, tans and brown. Others are shown in shades of grey and black. Mysterious blue/green eyes look at us and one leopardess shows part of pink tongue!

Ribbons in a greyish white unfurl across the top and bottom of the scarf, showing the title “Lazy Leopardesses” and “Hermès, Paris”. The artist’s name and copyright sign can be found at the sides of the scarf in small letters.

What drew me to this particular colourway? Well, it was the luscious pink background and paler pink rolled hem. This scarf is going to work beautifully with my grey cashmere v-neck jumper, grey tops and winter coat! Shall I break my wardrobe planning colours altogether and invest in a camel cashmere jumper this Autumn?


These are the colourways for the Autumn/Winter 2021 silk twill 90cm scarves. I have added in the codes to help those of you who wish to purchase this scarf.

Design Story

“Often known as a panther in popular culture, the leopard has always embodied poise and royalty. This endangered species is now subject to a hunting ban in most countries where it is known to occur. Swiss designer Arlette Ess, who won third place in the Grand Prix du Carré Hermès launched internationally in 2019, chose to depict the felines resting and enjoying a well-deserved nap.”


Here are some closeups of my scarf in a slideshow format:

How I wear the scarf

I haven’t worn the scarf properly yet, but have tried it on and attempted various ties with it. Some of you may remember my post about a couple of scarves by Fetolia from earlier in the year. One of these had colours very similar to this. Below, you can see the collage that I put together to show a suitable outfit for the Fetolia scarf and next to it is the same collage with Lazy Leopardesses. I think that the pink will give the whole outfit a different look!

I wonder what the two scarves would look like worn together? I will have to try! Anyway, when I have worn the scarf properly, I will upload the collages here.

Scarf ties

These are a few quick ties that I made to show the details and colours of the scarf. As it was brand new, the silk was crisp and rather stiff, so I haven’t yet tried more flowing ties such as the waterfall knot. I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos, but the sun was shining directly through my bedroom window and, I must admit, I’m a pretty awful photographer!

Lazy Leopardesses – scarf ties

Clockwise from the top left: asymmetric wrap, triangular drape knot, half bow knot, asymmetric wrap, basic bias fold, necklace knot with a gold scarf ring, basic bias fold, and a criss-cross knot using my mother-of-pearl scarf ring. Both scarf rings are by MaiTai.

Background information 

I have been able to find some information about Arlette Ess:

Arlette Ess
The artists own website. This is really worth exploring to see her lovely scarf design, including some very similar to this one. A must for dog lovers, I think!

Eudon Choi
Eudon Choi uncovers/ Arlette Ess
An interview with the artist with photos of her and her work.

Arlette Ess
The artist’s Facebook page. You can see some of her comments about this scarf design, beginning 6th July 2021.

Meet… Arlette Ess
An interesting interview with the artist, showing some of her work.

Vogue India
Art meets fashion in Hermès FW’21 collection of silk scarves
A short article including this scarf.

Wolf & Badger
Arlette Ess
Some of her work is available to purchase on the Wolf & Badger site.

And for all of you Big Cat lovers, here are a few Leopard links:

Extensive article.
Comprehensive information about these magnificent creature with photos.

I hope readers have found this exploration of Lazy Leopardesses both interesting and useful. Once again, if you find any errors or have any additional information that I could add, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love and best wishes,



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3 Responses to Scarf of the moment: Lazy Leopardesses

  1. Judy says:

    Hi Anne, I find your blog on the google by a chance and I am deeply impressed! Your articles about Hermes scarf are so incredible and amazing! I am from China and also like collecting Hermes scarf, and last month I bought this lovely lazy leopardesses. But I never know it has such a beautiful background story. Your article provides so many details which I enjoy so much! Thank you for sharing. I am so happy to find your website 🙂


    • The Librain says:

      Dear Judy, thank you for such a lovely comment. You say such nice things! I really enjoy writing these scarf profiles and have worked hard to improve them over the years. I only expected to own a small number of Hermès scarves, but my collection has grown! At the moment, I am planning to write a new profile for the Tea Time 70cm as soon as I can.
      Best wishes, Anne XXX


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