Outfit of the day 13/11/18

There are a few things to write about today, apart from my outfit. This morning, I had an appointment with my consultant who oversees all of my medical issues. He is a fantastic doctor, an excellent communicator and very empathetic. Because he spends so much time with his patients, he does tend to overrun appointments and, by the time we arrived for my 10.30 slot, he was running nearly 90 minutes late! This must be a record, even for him.

At each appointment, the nursing staff take my blood pressure and note down my height, weight and BMI. When I last went back in July, I was horrified to find out that my weight had ballooned to 12.5 stones. I reacted to this news by starting a diet and exercise programme to try to regain some fitness and lose weight. You may remember that I wrote about this regularly until about two months ago. I became so disillusioned with my lack of progress that I stopped writing these Diet Exercise Plan posts.

Today, however, I have both good and bad news. The bad news is that I am still 12.5 stones. The good news is that I am still 12.5 stones! You see, I have mostly kept to my healthier diet and, even though I have been unable to exercise to the extent that I might wish, I have managed to avoid putting on even more weight. My consultant confirmed that it is the high doses of steroids that I have to take that make me put on weight, together with side-effects from some of my other conditions.

Anyway, I am going to try to do more exercise, even if it is just going up and down the stairs a bit more to make my own cups of tea, or meals, or doing more housework (if I can avoid dust). Simply, I have to make myself move around more. I will try, but it is going to be even harder during the colder months.

Outfit of the day 13/11/18 with Hermès’ Le Jardin de la Maharani scarf

Outfit of the day 13/11/18 with Hermès’ Le Jardin de la Maharani scarf

I was very pleased with today’s outfit. I decided to bring together navy and grey with a touch of bright cobalt blue to liven things up. This meant carrying my Massaccesi midi-Muse for the first time – lovely 😊.

Today’s outfit:

  • Mid grey cashmere short sleeved top – John Lewis.
  • Heathered light grey cashmere cardigan – Pure Collection.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy leather shoes – Hotter.
  • Bright blue crystal and silver earrings – Sonrisa Boutique.
  • Blue and cream enamel, crystal and gold Owl bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Bluette pompei leather midi-Muse handbag – Massaccesi.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in navy, grey, white and blue – Le Jardin de la Maharani – Hermès. Tied in a criss-cross knot using a MaiTai horn scarf ring.

Elder Son is coming home tonight from his trip away, so our peaceful time will be over! I am planning to write the usual Reading Roundup post tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Outfit of the day 12/11/18

Whoop! I actually managed to get to the library today! There was a huge bagful of books to return. I now have eight books to make a lovely reading pile on my bedside cabinet. This time I have mainly chosen fantasy and science fiction rather than my usual crime and thrillers.

After that, Lovely Husband drove us to one of our local garden centres and we had tea (me) and coffee (him), then a wander around for about half an hour. I am looking for a new winter coat. Navy would be my preferred colour and I need something fairly waterproof and warm. I would also like the coat to be mid-thigh length. As we looked around, I saw a couple that might fit this description, but I will keep looking for a while longer.

Outfit of the day 12/11/18 with Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes scarf

Outfit of the day 12/11/18 with Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Lilac cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Cream enamel, gold and crystal Agama earrings – Halcyon Days.
  • Cream enamel and gold Byzantine bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Amethyst pebbled leather Victoria handbag – Massaccesi.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in lilac, purple, green and beige – Escales Mediterranéenes – Hermès. Tied in a cowboy cowl knot.

I think that’s enough of this lilac sweater for a little while, so I will change colours tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Happy unbirthday to me!

In the end, yesterday didn’t work out so well. I had hoped we would go out for lunch or even just a cup of tea, but it wasn’t to be. Today has been a lot better. I put on the same outfit and we were both well enough to go out for tea and cake. Elder Son is away for a few days, so Lovely Husband and I are going to enjoy the peace and quiet and I hope we can manage a few more trips out too.

In yesterday’s post, I gave a bit of a hint about my birthday present to myself and I will now reveal it properly…

First of all the box. Ooh, Duo Boots again…

Next, you can see inside the box…

Wow! That colour!

Here they are, gorgeous purple suede Pixie ankle boots…

And here is a collage showing the website images of the boots from all angles…

Yes, I wore them today and they are very comfortable too. Duo Boots are quite expensive for me, but I love their styles so much and it is great that they do wide fitting footwear.

What is that poem? Ah yes:


When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
And run my stick along the public railings
And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
And pick flowers in other people’s gardens
And learn to spit.

…to read the whole poem by Jenny Joseph, click here.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,


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Happy birthday to me!

Is it that day again? How has it come around so fast! Yes, it is my birthday today – 62, eek!

I dragged myself out of bed this morning and put on a very nice outfit, if I say so myself. We had planned to go out to a lovely pub for lunch, but it was not to be. Sadly, Lovely Husband didn’t feel fit enough to go so I am back here in bed with the outfit hung up again. Perhaps we can manage it all tomorrow.

First of all, I will show you my presents. You have already seen some of them as I bought them a while ago – the butterfly brooch (Elder Son) and the bright blue Massaccesi midi Muse handbag (LH). But I can now use them, which is great!

Birthday presents 2018

Birthday presents 2018

Younger Son sent me a copy of Mary Beard’s fab book – Women and Power: a Manifesto – and a Game of Thrones heat sensitive mug, which I will try out with my next cup of tea. I bought myself some amazing purple ankle boots, which I will show you properly tomorrow.

Outfit of the day 08/11/18 with Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal scarf

Outfit of the day 08/11/18 with Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Lilac cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Purple suede ankle boots – Duo Boots.
  • Amethyst and silver earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Amethyst and brown diamond cocktail ring.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in mauve, violet and sulphur yellow – Jaguar Quetzal – Hermès. Tied in a cowboy cowl knot.

Right, I will now go back to sitting in bed, sipping some tea, eating something naughty but nice and reading my latest book 😀.

Best wishes,


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Reading roundup 07/11/18

I am now down to the final book in my TBR pile and still haven’t been able to get to the library to borrow more! We may be able to go on Friday, but, if not, I will turn to ebooks. I hope I can find some good ones.

The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer

The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer

The first book of the week was The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer. Here is the blurb:

Five footprints are the only sign that Daniel Buck was ever here.

And now they are all his mother has left.

Every day, Anna Buck guards the little prints in the cement. Polishing them to a shine. Keeping them safe. Spiralling towards insanity.

When a psychic offers hope, Anna grasps it. Who wouldn’t? Maybe he can tell her what happened to her son …

But is this man what he claims to be? Is he a visionary? A shut eye? Or a cruel fake, preying on the vulnerable?

Or is he something far, far worse?

This is is what I wrote about the book on Goodreads (I awarded it three stars):

I am not sure what to write about this book. I have read other works by Bauer and really enjoyed them, but for some reason I found this book distinctly odd and disappointing. Other readers really rate it highly, so perhaps I am the odd one out? So please read other reviews here on Goodreads before making up your mind about whether to read the book or not.

Perhaps I was in the wrong state of mind to read the book, but the supernatural element and general weirdness just didn’t suit me. In fact, looking back over the last few weeks, I seem to have rejected quite a few books rated very highly by other people, including friends, so I might be in a “wrong” state of mind overall!

Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent

Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent

My second read was Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent. I was so hooked by this book that I read it all in one go – yesterday, in fact! This is the blurb:

I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her.

Oliver Ryan, handsome, charismatic, and successful, has long been married to his devoted wife, Alice. Together they write and illustrate award-winning children’s books; their life together one of enviable privilege and ease—until, one evening after a delightful dinner, Oliver delivers a blow to Alice that renders her unconscious, and subsequently beats her into a coma.

In the aftermath of such an unthinkable event, as Alice hovers between life and death, the couple’s friends, neighbours, and acquaintances try to understand what could have driven Oliver to commit such a horrific act. As his story unfolds, layers are peeled away to reveal a life of shame, envy, deception, and masterful manipulation.

I actually gave the book the full five stars and wrote this review:

I think this is the best Liz Nugent that I have read so far, and it is her first book. She is brilliant at creating fascinating, but very unpleasant, characters and developing a plot told from a variety of viewpoints. This book is so cleverly written: each episode in Oliver’s life unfolds and reveals more about his behaviour. I found myself totally unable to put the book down and I read it in one sitting – just as well that it is not long! Highly recommended and added to my “favourites” list.

Proxima by Stephen Baxter

Proxima by Stephen Baxter

So, I am now about to pick up the last book that has been sitting in the pile on my bedside table for quite some time Proxima by Stephen Baxter. I will give you my verdict next week.

Happy Reading to you all!

Best wishes,


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Update 06/11/18 with a Poem

Beneath The Sweater And The Skin by Jeannette Encinias

How many years of beauty do I have left?
she asks me.
How many more do you want?
Here. Here is 34. Here is 50.

When you are 80 years old
and your beauty rises in ways
your cells cannot even imagine now
and your wild bones grow luminous and
ripe, having carried the weight
of a passionate life.

When your hair is aflame
with winter
and you have decades of
learning and leaving and loving
sewn into
the corners of your eyes
and your children come home
to find their own history
in your face.

When you know what it feels like to fail
and have gained the
to rise and rise and rise again.

When you can make your tea
on a quiet and ridiculously lonely afternoon
and still have a song in your heart
Queen owl wings beating
beneath the cotton of your sweater.

Because your beauty began there
beneath the sweater and the skin,

This is when I will take you
into my arms and coo
you’ve come so far.

I see you.
Your beauty is breathtaking.

I found this lovely poem on the blog Wild and Precious Life. Do visit the blog and read the comments below the poem for more information about the poet, Jeannette Encinias.

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Outfit of the day 05/11/18

Can’t you tell how much I love my navy cable jumper and cord trousers (both from Lands’ End)? I think it is about time that I had a change of colour scheme for my outfits – teal or turquoise, perhaps? Maybe grey? I might even get these trousers in grey as they are so comfortable and wash really well. Some may think them frumpy, but I am past caring in my present state!

Anyway, I dug out a little rectangular silk scarf that I bought decades ago from John Lewis. It is in navy and cream with a houndstooth pattern and signed by Richard Allan. The navy hems are hand rolled, which is a sign of good quality. I had no idea about this when I originally bought the scarf, but I have looked after it and it is in a very good condition. Checking this blog, I last wore it back in March 2017, if you are interested in finding out a bit more.

I tied the scarf by knotting two corners together so that it looks kind of like a collar around my neck – I really like this way of wearing it. Years ago, I used to tuck it inside my gorgeous navy wool and cashmere coat. Sadly, that coat succumbed to the dreaded moths!

Outfit of the day 05/11/18 with Richard Allan’s houndstooth scarf

Outfit of the day 05/11/18 with Richard Allan’s houndstooth scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy cotton cable jumper – Lands’ End.
  • Navy stretch cotton cord trousers – Lands’ End.
  • Silver Celtic style earrings.
  • Navy enamel and gold Geometric bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Navy suede ankle boots – Duo Boots.

After a weekend with deafening bangs and crashes from fireworks, I hope it isn’t too loud tonight. I used to love Bonfire Night, but cannot go out and enjoy it at all these days. I hope my UK readers have had fun, especially if you have children. My childhood memories of this time of year are so magical.

Best wishes,


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