Scarf of the moment: Robe Légère

Well, I don’t think that this has ever happened to me during my “romance” with Hermès scarves! I usually look carefully at the threads on the Purse Forum as a new season unfolds, watching for the first clear images of each design in all of its colourways. Then something seems to click for me. One or two scarves stay in my mind and I start to think of how I might wear them and with which clothing and jewellery. Eventually, my choice becomes clear and then I pounce.

At the beginning of the Autumn/Winter 2022 I did pounce! The scarf that I chose was Sous le Charme d’Orphée by Alice Shirley (see the Scarf of the Moment post), but another began to ease its way into my mind. I kept noticing the lovely modelling photos on tPF and occasionally checked the Hermès website to see the different colourways in stock. Then, just before the price increase hit the UK on January 1st, I placed my order for…

Robe Légère, designed by Théo de Gueltzl, 90cm, silk twill, colourway #05 rose hortensia/bleu/vert, Ref. H003904S 05.


The scarf is a beautiful floral design. Against a plain background, a magical horse made from flowers rears up proudly. The blooms fly away from its mane and hooves in colourful array. The horse’s body makes a strong diagonal across the background with blossoms in the blank spaces. On the smaller sizes, just the head is shown.

The background colour of my chosen colourway, #05, is a gorgeous soft pink with a contrast hem in a slightly darker shade. The flowers are in subtle, muted hues of a darker pink, blue, green, yellow and teal. The effect is very light, springlike and joyful.

The whole design is a contrast between energy, strength, excitement and beauty, whimsy, gaiety.


These are the colourways for the Autumn/Winter 2022 silk twill 90cm scarves. I have added in the codes to help those of you who wish to purchase this scarf. Further down the post, you will find the colourways for the 45cm gavroche size and also the beautiful and special embroidered 45cm and 90cm versions.

Please note: as I have compiled this post very late in the scarf season, the images below have been taken from a variety of sources and, therefore, are not all of the same size. Do check the sizes written below each section.

These are the colourways for the 45cm gavroche silk scarves – Autumn/Winter 2022 season.

Here are the special embroidered versions of this design for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season:

Design story

This has been taken from the Hermès website:

Robe Légère design story


Here are some closeups of my scarf in a slideshow format:

How I wear the scarf

As I have only just bought the scarf, I have not had much opportunity to wear it, however, I have made one collage. I think this will look great with my navy items and, perhaps, with silver grey. In addition, I was thrilled when I bought a pink jumper from Lands’ End and discovered that it toned beautifully with this scarf. What luck!

Outfit of the day 09/01/23 with Hermès’ Robe Légère

Scarf ties

I have tried on this scarf in a variety of ways. At the moment, as it is so new, the silk fabric is very crisp and stiff so doesn’t fall easily into soft folds. Anyway, you can get the general idea of how it looks when worn. The scarf rings are by MaiTai.

Robe Légère scarf ties

I honestly did try to take decent photos without my face showing! Unfortunately, I simply couldn’t get the light/colour balance right. Anyway, you can see the following tied, clockwise from the top left: asymmetric wrap, criss-cross knot, necklace knot, cowl knot, half bow knot, cowboy cowl knot, and simple bias fold.

Background information

There is some information about the designer of the scarf, Théo de Gueltzl:

Théo de Gueltzl
His official site, with plenty of his art works. I found this rather difficult to navigate!

Creative Exchange Agency: Théo de Gueltzl
Linked information about the artist and designer with biographical details and images of the scarf.

Found Fashion: The story behind the Hermès Robe Légère embroidered scarf
Short but interesting article.

It may also be worth looking at his Instagram posts. Théo de Gueltzl collaborated on the Hermès scarf A L’Ombre des Pivoines with Octave Marsal. I have written a Scarf of the Moment post about this scarf as I bought it a few years ago.

Here are a couple of videos about the Robe Légère design:

Watch this next one from 3.44 to see the Robe Légère 90cm size. This series of videos also has further sections about the design in other formats:

I hope readers have found this exploration of Robe Légère both interesting and useful. Once again, if you find any errors or have any additional information that I could add, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Love and best wishes,



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