Outfit of the day 23/05/17

The day started grey and a bit gloomy but soon warmed up and the sun came out. Yes, this is the English obsession with the weather! It is no wonder really that we are so obsessed. The weather in the U.K. is so changeable and can vary within a few miles, so we watch the forecast in order to decide what to wear, apart from anything else.

So, today I took the annual decision and wore sandals for the first time this year and also didn’t wear a scarf! Eek! My neck felt really strange. The main reason is that it was hairdresser day again so I wore a pendant instead and tied my Dans un Jardin Anglais twilly on my handbag. This twilly is meant to be Autumn/Winter, but it looks just right on this handbag and I am quite prepared to break any fashion rules.

Dans un Jardin Anglais twilly - Hermès

Dans un Jardin Anglais twilly – Hermès

The pendant must be the piece of jewellery that I have had the longest. I can remember it being a present, probably for Christmas, when we still lived in Canterbury. So I was either twelve or thirteen. My parents gave it to me to go with an orange polo jumper and a teal corduroy mini skirt (it was the 60s). A looooooong time ago. Anyway, I thought it would go nicely with this outfit and the pearl studs would echo the white spots on the cardigan.

Today’s outfit:

  • Bright navy with white spots, viscose mix cardigan – Roman.
  • White cotton vest – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Shell pendant with silver chain.
  • Pearl and silver stud earrings.
  • White enamel and silver bangle.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Navy, deep blue Africa, leather tote bag – Massaccesi.
Outfit of the day 23/05/17

Outfit of the day 23/05/17

I always love having my hair done, particularly the soothing scalp massage part – I nearly fall asleep. You may have noticed, in the collage above, that I did something fairly unprecedented when I got home – I put some makeup on!!!!!!

Well, I decided to give Lovely Husband a shock and remind him that I can “scrub up” reasonably well when I want to. So, below are the before and after shots, with a full length version in between. I thought about missing that photo out as it does clearly demonstrate how much weight I am carrying at the moment (Younger Son does not do flattering photos), but I thought I would include it in the spirit of honesty ☺️.

Before and after the hairdresser with the addition of makeup!

Before and after the hairdresser with the addition of makeup!

I am going to enjoy reading a new book today and will catch up about my reading in tomorrow’s post.


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