Update 25/05/17

Yet another hospital visit today. It was a very early appointment so, as it is quite a long way, I had to get up at a very difficult time for me. It was a struggle, but I really wanted to be there for Lovely Husband as I felt that I should be present to help with remembering what was said. The appointment was with a genetic counsellor, going through the implications for LH and his family if there is any genetic link with cancer. Well, we now have to wait for test results before we can really think things through.

I wore the same outfit as Tuesday – white vest, spot cardigan, and jeans – but at the last minute decided to wear flat shoes rather than sandals as I had developed a small blister when wearing them yesterday. Thank goodness that I did wear the shoes. We had to walk a really long way through the hospital to get to the right building as they have recently built a new Emergency Unit right across all of the pedestrian access routes. Both of us were really exhausted when we arrived and had a real struggle to get back to the car. You would think that hospitals of all places would plan for disabled patients!

I did change pendants today and wore this lovely blue topaz and silver one, which was a present from my Mum many years ago, bought in Bristol. The three stones have different cuts and then each section is hinged to the next, which makes the piece much more interesting.

Blue topaz and silver pendant.

Blue topaz and silver pendant.

When we got home, I sat in the garden after lunch and read for a while. It was so lovely to sit surrounded by our wonderful garden, although I do feel a bit guilty looking at the weeds. I used to be the family “gardener”, but can no longer manage this role. We do have a lovely man who comes to cut the grass so perhaps I need to get him in for more hours to give everything a good tidy up. I will take some photos of the garden at some point and post about it properly.

Back to the subject of clothing: I was having a good look through my Summer tops yesterday and realised that I don’t have much in one of my accent colours – purple/lilac. So, I ordered two vests, like the white one that I have worn this week, in purple sapphire and fresh lavender. I really like the shape and the fabric is lovely and thick. I also bought another cotton mix cardigan in frosted lavender. Again, I already have several of these and they are so very useful across the seasons. These are all coming from Lands’ End, who were having a 25% off promotion.

Vests and cardigan by Lands' End

Vests and cardigan by Lands’ End

I will let you know what I think of them when they arrive.


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