Outfit of the day 03/07/17

I have had to postpone my Wardrobe Planning post that I had intended for today as it will take a bit more work before it is ready to publish on the blog. Never mind, as I have some good news 😀. We actually managed to go out today. Hurray!!! Now, when I say “we” I mean that Lovely Husband took me to a garden centre for tea. He goes out every day as he is able to manage on his own; I, on the other hand, am getting so poorly that I am too afraid to drive myself somewhere on my own these days. I have just realised that I haven’t been out of the house for nearly three weeks!

So, although going to a garden centre is not at all exciting for most, it feels like an achievement for me. Venturing out encouraged me to wear something nice today as I have been slobbing around the house in a vest top, pyjama bottoms and slippers for days.

So today’s outfit was:

  • Frosted lavender cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Purple sapphire cotton vest – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Gold knot earrings.
  • Purple crystal and gold tone necklace – Marks and Spencer.
  • Purple enamel and gold chain bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Silk scarf 90cm – Dans un Jardin Anglais – Hermès. In a basic bias fold.
Outfit of the day 03/07/17 with Hermès' Dans un Jardin Anglais

Outfit of the day 03/07/17 with Hermès’ Dans un Jardin Anglais

It has been quite a warm day with the sun breaking through the clouds. Even when I am stuck indoors I love to look down our garden and see what is flowering. I must take some photos of our garden soon as it looks so lovely.

Tomorrow is hairdresser day again. I go every six weeks, but it seems to come around so fast!

Best wishes,


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