Reading roundup 05/07/17

I am quite surprised to see that I have only read two books this week, as I seemed to have had a book in my hand every day! Then I had a look and realised that the first one was pretty long and a much “meatier” read than usual!

The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

I will copy my Goodreads review of this book first:

At first I had a great deal of trouble getting into this book. The long list of, mainly male, characters. The interminable number of police/security departments with their names and initials, which I kept on forgetting and confusing. But the plot hooked me in and became so gripping and complex that I couldn’t stop reading! Also, I was reading an old copy from the library with yellowing paper and a very small print size, which was a pain. But a great book, all in all.

As I had not read anything in Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series before, I did not know the back-stories of the main characters, so struggled a bit to get to grips with the plot. After some difficulties at the beginning, I became so interested that I couldn’t put the book down. I think I may seek out more in the series and I am sure that my local library will be able to supply the books! He could do with writing some better female characters, though.

Dead Water by Ann Cleeves

Dead Water by Ann Cleeves

Ann Cleeves’ writing is much more accessible to me than Deaver’s, so I stormed through this book. Unfortunately, I had read this series out of sequence, tackling the sixth book before this one, #5. I did really enjoy reading Dead Water and I am so glad that Cleeves decided to carry on with the series as I love following the development of Jimmy Perez’ character, meeting the new character Willow Reeves and immersing myself in the Shetland setting. This book has a very dark tone, with very few of the touches of humour in the previous books, for obvious reasons (those who have read the series will know what I mean, but I am not going to give away spoilers).

X by Sue Grafton

X by Sue Grafton

My next book will be Sue Grafton’s X. I have been reading Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Murders series for years and am having trouble remembering which books I have finished! Anyway, I am sure that this one will be good and I will write about it next week.

Oh! I was really annoyed just then. I wrote this whole post then it all disappeared due to a glitch and I had to rewrite it from memory! Maybe the first version was better, but you will never know 😬.

Just a thought. If you want to find out more about the books I mention in these Reading Roundups, do have a look at Goodreads. My reviews are nothing special but you will find some really good ones on there plus author pages and discussions. I also find the site useful for reminding me which books are in each series so that I can request them from the library well in advance. Works for me!

Happy reading!


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