Reading roundup 19/07/17

I reached that worrying point this week where I had finished all my library books and couldn’t see when I would feel well enough to raid the local library! Thank goodness for ebooks 😀.

Good Girls Don't Die by Isabelle Grey

Good Girls Don’t Die by Isabelle Grey

I still had Isabelle Grey’s Good Girls Don’t Die to finish. Having already read the second book in the Grace Fisher series, I was looking forward to this one. Because I had information from the second book, some of the impact in this one was lost, but I don’t think this spoiled the book. In fact, I thought it was the better of the two, giving it four stars on Goodreads, and a friend has told me that the third is good as well. So I am looking forward to that one: The Special Girls.

Arminius: The Limits of Empire by Robert Fabbri

Arminius: The Limits of Empire by Robert Fabbri

The Isabelle Grey book was the last in my book pile, so I then downloaded an ebook from our library’s digital service: Robert Fabbri’s Arminius: The Limits of Empire. I gave it three stars and wrote this review on Goodreads…

Barbaric, blood-thirsty and very, very violent. The story of Rome’s greatest defeat. I usually enjoy this kind of book, but the writing in this one was pretty bad. It also needed proof reading – love the image of lambs gambling, but I think gambolling was the correct word! I may read others in his Vespasian series, but only if I am stuck for something better.

I can’t think of much more to say about it really, except that there were very few female characters and those that were included tended to be stereotypes. Stunningly beautiful maidens or scary old crones – even both in different parts of their lives!

World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z by Max Brooks

The third book was a re-read borrowed from Younger Son: World War Z by Max Brooks. I know that a film was made of this book and am quite glad that I have never seen it as I don’t see how it could work. The book is written as if it were a set of true personal accounts of a zombie war. Occasionally some of the characters are revisited, but we rarely see them more than once. Some of the accounts are heart-rending and stay with the reader (well this reader) way after finishing the book. I was also fascinated with the author’s ability to think out some of the unexpected (for me) consequences of a zombie plague on this scale and by his ability to work out military strategies which might work against them. I would give this 4 1/2 stars, but it is evidently a marmite kind of book because the Goodreads reviewers ranged from one to five!

Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves

Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves

Just today, after finally managing to visit the library earlier in the week, I started Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves – her latest in the Shetland series. I am already gripped and had to prise it out of my own hand to write this post! Now I must get back to it…

Happy reading and best wishes,


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1 Response to Reading roundup 19/07/17

  1. Ebooks are the best. I’m working on a biography of Coco Chanel on my kindle I borrowed from my library. 😁
    I’ll habe to check out world war Z. I’ve heard of it but haven’t seen the movie either.
    Have you read Fight Club yet? I read it a year or two ago now and now I’m always tempted to grab other books by that author when I see them in the thrift shop. 😁


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