Outfit of the day 01/08/17

A new month is here! It continues to puzzle me how quickly each year seems to pass by, time accelerating as I get older. It is my brother’s birthday today and Younger Son’s too in a few days. It is a poignant time for me as my Mother would have been 86 this August, if she were still here. I miss her so.

I have felt a little better today and went downstairs for a few hours, managing to complete a few household tasks. Even tiny things, such as putting a load of washing on, feel like an accomplishment these days. Lovely Husband is so overloaded at the moment and even a small action to help gives him some support.

I am showing you a very different scarf today. This one, in gorgeous shades of purple, green and blue, was made by Cathayana using the Japanese shibori technique. It is very delicate, so I don’t wear it very often, but it goes so well with the Lands’ End supima cotton top in purple. It nearly suffered an accident, mind you. LH asked me to go outside the house for a few minutes to look at something and, as I stood there, it began to rain. He looked rather shocked when I dashed back in to save the scarf from being ruined! Firstly, because he has not seen me move so fast for ages, and, secondly, because “It’s only a scarf!”

Only a scarf, indeed 😲😲😲!!!

Today’s outfit:

  • Purple, blue and green silk shibori shawl – Cathayana. Tied in a bow and placed at one shoulder.
  • Purple cotton top – Lands’ End. The image is similar.
  • Amethyst and silver earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Purple, aqua, pink and turquoise enamel and rose gold bangle – Liberty of London.
  • Navy leather sandals – Hotter.
  • Navy and blue pyjama trousers – Sainsbury’s. I am not showing these! If we had gone out today, I would have swapped these for my navy linen trousers from Isle.
Outfit of the day 01/08/17 with Cathayana's shibori scarf

Outfit of the day 01/08/17 with Cathayana’s shibori scarf

The Cathayana website has lots to offer in addition to the shibori shawls like mine, such as bags, cosmetic purses, ponchos and slippers.  Have a look here for more gorgeous shawl colours.

These are their pictures of the shawl I have. The colours of the second photo are a bit paler than the real thing:

Shibori shawl - Cathayana

Shibori shawl – Cathayana

Shibori shawl - Cathayana

Shibori shawl – Cathayana

See – I do like scarves other than Hermès’! Sometimes 😉.

As it is Wednesday tomorrow, I will be writing a Reading Roundup post as usual so I had better get back to my latest book.

Best wishes,


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