Update 17/08/17

 I am keeping myself very busy today with work for my local food bank, as I wrote in a post the other day. When I visited them, I thought that I would be able to get on with things fairly quickly, but the usual family stuff got in the way and then, when I tried to force myself to start, I found that my mind kept sliding away. Concentration is such an issue for me these days. I have always been a terrible procrastinator, but now I think I am even worse.

So, I used my tried and trusted method:

  1. Read any notes and paperwork through, whilst drinking tea, then put it down and leave it all for a week day or two.
  2. Start writing, just write stuff down, keep writing and writing as ideas come. Shout at anyone who interrupts, lose your train of thought and swear grit your teeth.
  3. Have a cup of tea to calm down.
  4. Then, read everything through and begin to put the words and sentences into a better order.
  5. Maybe leave it all to stew in your mind for several days a while.
  6. Read the notes and paperwork you have been given again.
  7. Perhaps a nice cup of tea is needed here?
  8. Go back to the writing and add in anything new from your reading and thinking.
  9. Leave it all again for an hour or two (tea time!).
  10. Now do all of the tweaking and final editing.
  11. Have another cup of tea whilst Lovely Husband or Younger Son read it all through.
  12. Any final tweaking then finish it all off!

Well, that seems to have worked for me and I am now ready to email it all to our local food bank staff. It will be interesting to see what they think. I had better make some tea now that I have completed this first stage.

I am very excited about it all!

Oh, this isn’t an Outfit of the Day post because I stayed in my pyjamas all day working in bed on my iPad 😀…

….with the odd cup of tea…

Best wishes,


If you want to find out about the work of The Trussell Trust in supporting food banks, have a look at their website.

About The Librain

Retired School Librarian
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3 Responses to Update 17/08/17

  1. jalera1 says:

    The big question is what type of tea do you drink?


    • The Librain says:

      Oh, just about anything! From Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey to strong builder’s tea. I just love tea. With milk, but no sugar 😀😍😀


  2. jalera1 says:

    I have an expanding shelf that threatens to evict food from the pantry. Earl Grey for everyday and something Oolong from China for special occasions. All sorts in between. Drunk uncontaminated by any additives, which includes milk, flowers and spices.


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