Outfit of the day 24/08/17

I managed to get out of bed and go downstairs for three hours today! That feels like an achievement as I am still struggling with my cough. My outfit today was not very exciting and I look pretty awful facially, but at least I tried.

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy cotton t-shirt – similar to the image below.
  • Hyacinth viscose wrap cardigan – Kettlewell Colours.
  • Beige cotton chinos – Lands’ End.
  • Blue crystal and silver tone earrings – Sainsbury’s Tu. Bought for me as a present by Elder Son who wanted to make amends for some very “challenging” behaviour earlier in the week.
Outfit of the day 24/08/17

Outfit of the day 24/08/17

Lovely Husband and I sat watching a recorded episode of Judge John Deed – a real blast from the past. I have had a weakness for the older Martin Shaw for many years, but don’t tell LH! For the rest of the day, I have been reading and fiddling with this blog. I am trying to get more organisation and consistency into the naming of my collages – so librarianish 😄.

Tomorrow’s post is a Scarf of the Moment about the cute Appaloosa des Steppes gavroche and the other colourways and sizes of this design by Alice Shirley for Hermès. I hope that I can manage to finish the post in time.

Appaloosa des Steppes gavroche by Alice Shirley for Hermès

Appaloosa des Steppes gavroche by Alice Shirley for Hermès

Best wishes,


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