Outfit of the day 12/09/17

I have managed to grit my teeth and do something useful today. Over the weekend, we had quite a few things to sort out: the washing machine gave up the ghost after ten years, my car wouldn’t start and Elder Son developed a terrible retching cough which meant that he couldn’t go to work. So, yesterday, Lovely Husband and I had a lot to do and I overdid things and ended up in bed with exhaustion.

Today has been better, even though I again tried to do as much as possible to take tasks away from LH as he has been so overwhelmed lately. The washing machine could not be repaired so it is being replaced today, my car was mended and serviced, ES was taken to the GP and then the local hospital for an X-ray and I did my part.

I am feeling very autumnal now and have been ordering a few items, clothing and accessories, both to fill gaps in my wardrobe and also for my birthday. Well, my birthday is quite a few weeks away, but I purchase things that catch my eye and then give them to my chaps to give back to me – if you see what I mean! I know it is cheating, in a way, but that way I get what I want and they don’t have to go shopping, so everyone is happy with the result! I will show readers my presents after my birthday – yes, you will have to wait. And I promise that I won’t wear them until then either, although restraint is not one of my strong points.

I noticed a need for some casual dark brown trousers for the colder months and ordered these stretchy jersey cords from Lands’ End. They do feel a bit like “old lady” trousers, of which my Mum seemed to own hundreds. But they are comfortable and look OK with the right clothes and accessories. I will continue to look out for some slightly smarter ones, although my current weight and size makes fitting somewhat awkward these days.

Dark mahogany sport knit cords - Lands' End

Dark mahogany sport knit cords – Lands’ End

Today’s outfit:

  • Silk scarf in green, blue, pink, brown and gold – TeresaMare via Etsy. This is a pretty Autumn scarf in a light silk with a hand painted pattern of falling leaves.
  • Marine teal cotton mix top – Lands’ End.
  • Marine teal cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Dark mahogany cotton mix sport knit cords – Lands’ End.
  • Brown faux lizard and gold tone bangle – Wallis.
  • Bronze art nouveau style earrings.
Outfit of the day 12/09/17

Outfit of the day 12/09/17

I also swapped my Massaccesi handbag in navy for this caramel hobo bag from the now defunct Peony and Moore. The outfit seemed to pull together as a whole and I felt both comfortable and nice in it.

Georgia in caramel and brown leather by Peony and Moore

Georgia in caramel and brown leather by Peony and Moore

I will now go back to reading so that I am ready for the regular Reading Roundup post tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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