Reading roundup 20/09/17

I am not even going to make excuses any more for using my Goodreads reviews on these weekly posts. It makes sense to do so, as I will not have to repeat things I have already written! Anyway, I am feeling very drained today and cannot write very much. On weeks when I feel better, I will try to add more comment around the copied reviews, as I have done on previous Roundup posts.

Make Me by Lee Child

Make Me by Lee Child

I am still relying on our library’s excellent ebook service because I have been too unwell to visit and borrow print books. My first book this week was Lee Child’s Make Me (Jack Reacher #20):

An excellent book in this series with a great twister of a plot. This one has lots of travel across America, guns, violence, interesting detection, affection, evil “baddies” and a good ending. One of the best Jack Reacher novels I have read recently.

I think that this was probably the last of the “traditional” Jack Reacher books, before the author decided to write prequels to the series. There is a particular feeling left at the end of this book which brings me to that conclusion, but I won’t spoil things by saying more. I gave it four stars.

Enigma by Catherine Coulter

Enigma by Catherine Coulter

My second book of the week was Enigma (FBI Thriller #21) by Catherine Coulter, which I gave three stars:

OK, easy and quick to read thriller. Two stories running alongside each other with no connection except for the FBI investigators who have been in previous books in the series. I would be happy to read other books by this author if I had nothing else in the book pile. This was an ebook from the public library service.

Persuader by Lee Child

Persuader by Lee Child

I am now a good way through yet another Jack Reacher – this time #7 in the series – Persuader. There are not very many left for me to read! I will let you know what I think of this book next week.

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