Outfit of the day 03/04/18

So this is the outfit that I wanted to wear yesterday, on the actual day of our Wedding Anniversary, as this is the scarf that Lovely Husband bought me to celebrate the day. I was unable to get dressed and go downstairs, however, as I felt too ill, but today has been a much better day so far. Lovely Husband drove me to the Library and also a local supermarket to do a small amount of shopping that I needed. We had a quick drink and then came home. On the way back, we had a major problem (TMI to tell you about this!), but I am now sitting in bed feeling pretty pleased. I have managed to walk quite a lot and, if my leg muscles are aching, it goes to show that I have actually achieved something positive.

Today’s outfit:

  • Bright teal cotton mix top – Lands’ End. The colour in the collage below is not quite right as it is a clear and true teal.
  • Bright teal cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • London Blue topaz and silver earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Peacock snake print leather and pale gold wrap bracelet – Aspinal of London.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in red, teal, blue, purple and yellow – Persepolis – Hermès.
Outfit of the day 03/04/18 with Hermès’ Persepolis scarf

Outfit of the day 03/04/18 with Hermès’ Persepolis scarf

I am planning to write a Reading Roundup post tomorrow as usual.

Best wishes,


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