Update 03/05/18: Liberty sale purchase #01

I know, I know, I haven’t any willpower at all. When I feel low, I tend to succumb to the urge to spend money. I have had my eye on a couple of items from Liberty of London for ages and, when I received an email from them last week offering up to 30% off in their sale, I was thrilled to find that my wishlist pieces were included. Here is the first reveal…

Opening the parcel… love that Liberty purple!

Tissue paper and label underneath…

Two gorgeous purple and gold boxes… (after removing the bubble wrap packaging)…

The smaller box is ready to open…

A pretty velvety pouch…

The fabulous cream enamel and rose gold Ianthe pendant!

Wearing it with my Lands’ End aqua jumper #01…

Wearing it with my Lands’ End aqua jumper #02…

This is going to be such a useful accessory for my wardrobe as it is so versatile and will go with just about everything. My Halcyon Days cream enamel and gold earrings and bangle also work with it. The pendant is quite heavy, the rose gold gleams beautifully and Ianthe is my favourite Liberty pattern of all time.

As I have now developed a nice collection of Liberty jewellery and scarves, I am thinking of writing about the two patterns, Ianthe and Hera, in two longer posts soon. My scarf collecting isn’t all about Hermès!

Another reveal is coming in tomorrow’s post 😍😍😍.

Best wishes,


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