Reading roundup 18/07/18

I have really enjoyed reading very varied books this week. Well, when I say enjoyed, I actually gave up on one of them – very unusual for me, but liberating!

The Power by Naomi Alderman

The Power by Naomi Alderman

My first book was The Power by Naomi Alderman. I had read about this, although not a great deal, but on the strength of vague rumours, I put in a reservation for the ebook on our Public Library system. Here is the blurb:

In The Power the world is a recognisable place: there’s a rich Nigerian kid who lounges around the family pool; a foster girl whose religious parents hide their true nature; a local American politician; a tough London girl from a tricky family. But something vital has changed, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect. Teenage girls now have immense physical power – they can cause agonising pain and even death. And, with this small twist of nature, the world changes utterly.

I awarded this intriguing book the full five stars on Goodreads and wrote the following review:

Another book where I am not sure what to say in a review or which tags to choose! This certainly leaves me with many conflicting thoughts. At first, it was uplifting to see women getting the upper hand in a male dominated world, but as the book progresses, it becomes saddening to see how so many of the female characters turn to violence and domination of their own. I like to think that a matriarchy would be far more benevolent than our current patriarchy. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t suppose that will ever be put to the test.

This is definitely a book for discussion groups as it raises so many interesting questions.

I really wish that I could discuss this book with some of my former students!

Blood Vow by J R Ward

Blood Vow by J R Ward

My second book has a very long blurb – Blood Vow by J R Ward, #02 in her Black Dagger Legacy series.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to train the best of the best to join them in the deadly battle against the Lessening Society. Among the new recruits, Axe proves to be a cunning and vicious fighter—and also a loner isolated because of personal tragedy. When an aristocratic female needs a bodyguard, Axe takes the job, though he’s unprepared for the animal attraction that flares between him and the one he is sworn to protect.

For Elise, who lost her first cousin to a grisly murder, Axe’s dangerous appeal is enticing—and possibly a distraction from her grief. But as they delve deeper into her cousin’s death, and their physical connection grows into so much more, Axe fears that the secrets he keeps and his tortured conscience will tear them apart.Rhage, the Brother with the biggest heart, knows all about self-punishing, and he wants to help Axe reach his full potential. But when an unexpected arrival threatens Rhage and Mary’s new family, he finds himself back in the trenches again, fighting against a destiny that will destroy all he holds most dear.

As Axe’s past becomes known, and fate seems to be turning against Rhage, both males must reach deep—and pray that love, rather than anger, will be their lantern in the darkness.

And here is my verdict:

Gave up on this one. I shouldn’t pick up books when I haven’t read any of the eleventy million other ones in the multiple series about romantic and sexy vampires, or abusive but gorgeous male immortal monsters, or incredibly handsome and attractive but scary…

… glad some people enjoy these kinds of books because I like people to read, but definitely not my kind of thing…


Yes, I only gave it one star. I am sure that there are thousands of people who adore books like this. After all, the book gets an overall rating of 4.41 on Goodreads. I may not be amongst that group of fans, but I am always happy to find people who love to read.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkane

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

My third book of the week was far more successful. I downloaded the ebook of The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen and read it in one go. This is the blurb:

When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous wife and her obsession with her replacement.
You will assume you are reading about a woman about to enter a new marriage with the man she loves.
You will assume the first wife was a disaster and that the husband was well rid of her.
You will assume you know the motives, the history, the anatomy of the relationships.
Assume nothing.

I was perhaps a bit generous and gave the book four stars. This is what I wrote about it:

I’m going to tag this as a thriller as that is the nearest, I think. If you like a book with a plot that is constantly twisting, then this is for you. Some reviewers love this, others hate it, so another marmite book. I enjoyed it and was so gripped that I read it in one sitting and finished it after midnight. The only reservations I have are about the ending (cannot say more) and the fact the most of the characters are completely unlikeable.

Like a Charm edited by Karin Slaughter

Like a Charm edited by Karin Slaughter

I am still struggling to be well enough to visit the library so am continuing to explore their ebook catalogue. My current ebook is a collection of short stories edited by Karin Slaughter called Like a Charm. Some of the tales were written by my favourite authors, so I am really enjoying this book. I will give you my full response next week!

Happy Reading to you all!

Best wishes,


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