Update 23/07/18: Sale purchases from Lands’ End

As you may know, if you read my blog regularly, I am very partial to Lands’ End clothing (link in the sidebar). I carry a wishlist in my head and often check the website, mainly when I get their emails with discount offers. These emails are very frequent and so I hardly ever buy items at full price.

In the last year or so, I have purchased some of their lovely vests in pretty colours: white, purple sapphire and fresh lavender. I really rate the style and the thick, good quality fabric. So, when I saw that they were again being offered in the sale, I just had to get some more! In addition, I also like their cotton jumpers and already own two, in cobalt blue and a pale aqua, which are great in Spring and into the Autumn. This time I have got one in radiant navy, which fits really well into my colour wheel.

Vests and jumper by Lands’ End

Vests and jumper by Lands’ End

Yes, one of the vests is purple again, but it is slightly different! I feel very happy wearing shades of this colour as they seem to suit my grey hair so well. The other vest is in what Lands’ End call “pond blue”, although I have never seen a pond in the UK looking like this. They are usually “scum green” or “sludge brown”.

Right, now back to attempting to keep cool 😎.

Best wishes,


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