Update 30/07/18

I am not writing any “Outfit of the day” posts at the moment because I am trying to cope with the UK heatwave by wearing very little. I don’t think that readers would really appreciate photos of me in a baggy vest and knickers and it is definitely not that kind of blog!!!

Today has been reasonably successful in terms of my bid to get moving and doing something more useful than laying in bed. As Younger Son had a day off work, I seized the opportunity to take a load of stuff to the charity shop and the tip (yes, I wore better clothes than a baggy vest and knickers, but they still were not worth a photo). I did the driving (the first time in ages) and he did the lifting and tipping. We then came home via a certain supermarket café where we had a drink and a chat, which was lovely as he is a great person to talk to.

He is planning on leaving us in the next few months and moving away to live and work in a new area where he has a friend. This could be a very good idea for him, as he definitely needs to live independently, but I will find it very hard, as will his brother. I will wave him off with a big smile on my face although I will miss him dreadfully.

Tomorrow I will post some news about a purchase that I have been awaiting for weeks.

Best wishes,


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