Outfit of the day 16/08/18 and yet another luscious reveal – on a roll!

Well, my latest parcel had another item inside which I am going to reveal and also model in this post. When I was thinking about how to dress up my new Massaccesi handbag, I also thought about how I would wear the “dressing up items” myself. So here goes:

This was inside the parcel…

Opening up to see the iconic orange box with its Bolduc ribbon nicely tied…

The box is on its own…

The bow is now untied. What is inside?

A nice peek at the contents. What gorgeous colours!

The folded scarf…

Hermès Baobab Cat gavroche, designed by the Ardmore Artists, unfolded…

I wore the scarf in a cowboy knot today with the following outfit:

  • Fresh lavender cotton vest – Lands’ End.
  • Blackberry cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Blue and white linen trousers – Isle Collection.
  • Lilac enamel and gold plain bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Celtic style silver earrings.
  • Silk gavroche in bright pink, mauve, white and grey – Baobab Cat – Hermès.
Outfit of the day 16/08/18 with Hermès Baobab Cat gavroche

Outfit of the day 16/08/18 with Hermès Baobab Cat gavroche

What do you think? Does it suit me? I don’t think that the 90cm version of this colourway would work for me as the colour would probably overwhelm me, but, just as with my bright Bibliothéque gavroche, it is fine as a small pop of colour. By the way, my hair doesn’t seem to photograph well since I went fully grey – please believe me, it looks loads better in real life! Honest 😊.

Anyway, here is the gavroche again, dressing up my Massaccesi Victoria handbag in amethyst pebbled leather…

Again, I think that this tones in very well and is a complete change from the Coup de Fouet au Bloc twilly that I showed you on Monday. So I have some nice options here.

Tomorrow, I will be catching up with the progress I have made towards my diet and exercise goals as it will be four weeks since I began the plan.

Best wishes,


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