Update 21/08/18

I had a breakthrough today and am feeling very pleased with myself. My diet and exercise plan has been put aside for a few days as I have been very ill again with loads of really nasty coughing attacks with the full works. Today, however, I woke up feeling a lot stronger and was also energised by the fact that I had a hairdresser’s appointment. You all know how much I like getting my hair done!

Usually, Lovely Husband drops me off and picks me up afterwards but, now that I am not dyeing my hair any more, the appointment length is much shorter and not very predictable. My stubborn husband refuses to own a mobile phone, so it has been difficult to coordinate timings etc.

So, today I decided, against all advice, to actually drive myself into town. Parking for the hairdressers is very easy and quite close, so I was able to do everything myself, plus have a quick wandering around the nearest supermarket. That’s why I am feeling so pleased with myself!

Anyway, here is the result: this morning’s before photo, with the after photo…

Before, on the left, after, on the right!

I really do like my grey hair and bear in mind that it looks a lot nicer in real life than in my rather poor selfies 😊. The really silver parts of my hair somehow seem to disappear in photos, which is strange.

Reading Roundup post tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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