Outfit of the day 18/10/18

It has been a very lazy day for me so far – too ill to do very much. I have been playing with my new “gadget”, though.

Years ago, my Mum bought one of those heated airers from Lakeland and recommended it to me. I felt that we didn’t really need any thing like that as we hang our wet washing outside as much as possible, then use our tumble dryer during the wetter and colder months. We did, however, remove our airing cupboard quite a while ago when we had a condensing boiler installed. This meant that I had to air off slightly damp items over radiators, unless I wanted to have the tumble dryer on for hours eating up electricity.

So, in the end I ordered an airer from Lakeland and it arrived yesterday. We don’t have room for the very largest one, but this fits well at the end of our kitchen. I have also bought the cover to go with it as that was recommended widely. So, at last our hallway is free from clothes horses and socks all over the radiator!

We will see how it goes.

Outfit of the day 18/10/18 with QueCraft blue horn pendant

Outfit of the day 18/10/18 with QueCraft blue horn pendant

Today I have been looking too awful for a selfie, but I did take a photo of my new horn pendant necklace with my cobalt blue cotton cable jumper from Lands’ End. The necklace, from Quecraft via Etsy, has two large ovals in shades of blue lacquer, with a smaller link between in natural horn. The whole pendant hangs on an adjustable leather thong. It is a nice piece for any time of year and would look great with a navy or white t-shirt or vest in the Summer.

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