Outfit of the day 06/12/18

Last weekend was really, really horrible and it is taking me a long time to recover mentally. Living with an adult who has autism can be very hard at times and the run up to Christmas  has been difficult for many years, since he was a small child in fact. Our son can be such a wonderful person and we love him dearly, but he can also be exhausting and can drive both of us right to the edge.

To try to take my mind away from my worries and stress, I have immersed myself in reading and also have attempted to do a variety of household tasks. The state of our house has been upsetting me for quite some time. Without me being able to do the general day-to-day housework, it has all fallen onto Lovely Husband, with Elder Son helping out when he is in the right mood. So, we are all sinking under a mess! I have bought a few items to help clean up, but need to feel strong enough to actually make a start. It all gets on top of me – even thinking about all that needs doing, from major house repairs to tiny little things and a massive clean!

We do make plans and try to begin the lists, but then I end up needing to lie down again as I get too tired so quickly. Just as well that no one visits us these days as I would be too ashamed to let them see how we are living. And, yes, we did have a cleaner in the past, but we have been totally unsuccessful in finding someone suitable since they stopped.

Well, that’s my frank admission for this week!

Outfit of the day 06/12/18 with Hermès’ Baobab Cat gavroche

Outfit of the day 06/12/18 with Hermès’ Baobab Cat gavroche

Today’s outfit:

  • Mid grey cashmere short sleeved top – John Lewis.
  • Heathered light grey cashmere cardigan – Pure Collection.
  • Navy cotton stretch cord trousers – Lands’ End.
  • Mother of pearl and silver Art Deco earrings.
  • Grey and white snake skin and silver wrap bracelet – Aspinal.
  • Silk gavroche in bright pink, purple, grey and white – Baobab Cat – Hermès. Tied in a cowboy knot.

Perhaps I will feel stronger tomorrow and actually manage something useful.

Best wishes,


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