Update 25/06/19 with a reveal and a dilemma

I can never resist sales! By now, I should have built up enough strength to avoid being drawn in, but I haven’t. So this parcel arrived this morning…

The opened box. Yes, that is Aspinal of London – I already have a few items from them: three bracelets and the Owl in the City scarf…

Here is the first hint…

Now an image from the scarf…

A few very quick ties to show it off…

This is Pegasus designed by Emma J Shipley for Aspinal of London. I have often looked at Emma J Shipley’s own website with a view to purchasing one of her scarves and I loved a different Pegasus design that she created a few years ago. So, when I saw this one in Aspinal’s sale I pounced. The overall design is lovely and I particularly like the horses around the border. Here is the design story from the Aspinal website:

This season, Aspinal has joined forces with award-winning graphic artist Emma Shipley to create the magical Pegasus capsule collection. Taking inspiration from our iconic feather symbol, Shipley has created a magical Pegasus figure, ethereal and resplendent in pearl white. Hand-drawn pearly constellations, planets, galaxies and shooting stars surround this mythological creature which have been digitally printed onto our Pegasus Cashmere Blend Scarf.

I do have a dilemma, however:

1) The scarf is advertised as a cashmere blend. In fact, although it is a blend, there is very little cashmere in the fabric – 10% cashmere to 90% modal! I suppose for the price I should have expected this. The fabric is also quite thin, but it is very soft and drapes well. The size is 140cm, which is nice as I only have one other at that size.

2) The biggest issue is the colour. On the website, the colours are much brighter and vivid and that is what I expected. You can see here…

But, as you can see from the photos above that I took this morning, the actual colours are very much darker and more muted. There is a dark navy, black, grey, white, purple and aqua. It is definitely a scarf for the winter months and would look good with grey, purple and navy clothing. Is it too dark for me?

So, can any readers of this post let me know what you think. Should I keep it or send it back? I really don’t know what to do. Your help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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