Outfit of the day 25/07/19 plus some purchases

I am going to show you my outfit, but not me wearing it! That’s because I am so hot and sticky and must look pretty awful 😂🤣😂!

I bought this turquoise linen dress from Pure Collection a couple of years ago. The colour is nice, but the weave is very loose and it looks like a sack on me. I don’t really care about that as I only wear it in the house and garden and it does keep me quite cool. It is good for wafting – a word used a lot on one of my favourite blogs: That’s Not My Age. As I have given up wearing a bra (I have always hated them and decided to throw them all away when I retired), the dress is opaque enough to hide anything that might be embarrassing too!

Turquoise washed linen tunic by Pure Collection

Turquoise washed linen tunic by Pure Collection

My only adornment today is the cute teapot, cup and saucer necklace from Bill Skinner that I bought a few months ago. The heat is even cutting down on my tea drinking as I have switched over to water, mainly!

Teapot and Cup necklace by Bill Skinner

I can never resist the Lands’ End sales, especially the main ones in the Summer and Winter. I really tried to ignore the present one and hung on until a few days ago, when I gave in. As a huge fan of The Vivienne Files blog, I have really taken on board some of her ideas about wardrobe planning. The colours I favour have changed a little since I grew out my grey hair, but I think that I am happy now with my choices. My two main base colours are navy and grey; my accent colours are bright blue, turquoise/teal/aqua, purple/lavender/lilac, and bright pink. Looking at my wardrobe, I realised that a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts in bright blues would be very versatile additions. Here they are:

Long-sleeved, supima, v neck, t-shirts – Lands’ End

The fabric is a very fine supima cotton jersey with a soft and silky feel. I will use both as t-shirts in Spring and late Summer/early Autumn, then as base layers in colder months and also in bed with more traditional pyjama bottoms. As they only cost £7.50 each, I think I will get my money’s worth out of them!

Apparently, tomorrow will be cooler. I hope so as I really want to attend my counselling session.

Best wishes,


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