Update 16/12/19: Hermès scarves Spring/Summer 2020

I must apologise for the lack of posts at the end of last week. The General Election took a lot of my emotional energy and I am left feeling very deflated. As I don’t want this blog to become involved with politics, I won’t say any more!

Plumes en Fete 90cm – Hermès Spring/Summer 2020

Plumes en Fete 90cm – Hermès Spring/Summer 2020

Instead, I will point you in the direction of the wonderful Hermès scarves for next season: Spring/Summer 2020. Yes, they are already being discussed on the Purse Forum and are beginning to appear online and in some boutiques, although not in the UK at the time of writing. I have my eye on a couple of colourways of one design and perhaps one more, but I have not seen a lot to attract my money! I expect that, as usual, the designs will grow on me with time. Perhaps I should think about no longer buying expensive scarves? That’s a difficult question to answer!

Anyway, if you are interested, the Purse Forum link is here: …The Hermès Spring/Summer 2020 Scarves… – comprehensive listing with images from the website starts at page 41 onwards. The thread will continue over the next weeks and months with images and modelling photos, giving all of us scarfies invaluable information to help us choose wisely. As the official Hermès websites don’t show the true colours of the scarves, to help with the battle against counterfeiting, the Purse Forum allows us to see them much more “true to life”.

The Hermès UK scarf site (which I will visit daily) is here: Hermès UK Scarves and Silk Accessories – there are still loads of lovely scarves from previous seasons still available as well as shawls and other formats.

I hope the new scarves become available to UK buyers before the inevitable price increase in January!

Love and best wishes,



P.S. since I wrote the post this afternoon, I might just have succumbed and bought from the French site…

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  1. Grace says:

    SO happy I found your website!


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