Update 13/01/20

The wind is blowing wildly outside, but I am cosy and warm under the winter-weight duvet with my iPad, a cup of tea and a biscuit, trying to write a blog post. Our weekend began very quietly, as Elder Son was away on one of his trips, but it ended noisily when he came home full of excited chatter! Normal living for us has been restored.

Friday’s post, about my newest scarf (Hermès’ Plumes en Fête), has had an amazing number of hits, which is very gratifying. I am still to wear it outside the house, however, as my health is too poor to venture out. It seems that I am comfort dressing at the moment. That means wearing mostly pyjama trousers with thick jumpers and a woolly scarf, rather than one of my “posh” silk ones. Lovely Husband is trying to encourage me to wear my better clothes, jewellery and scarves indoors, even if we don’t go out and I really need to scrape together some energy to do this.

I have been able to undertake some “useful” tasks this afternoon to help with our household, which make me feel better. LH is rather computer phobic, so at least I can do this kind of work – writing letters and emails, updating hospital visits and lists of medications, or organising our finances. Typing on the laptop is still quite difficult as I can’t automatically remember where the correct keys are. This iPad keyboard is much easier. Oh, the things that come so easily when you are fit and well!

OK, I think that is enough from me today. If I do manage to go out this week, I will definitively write about it here and I will also upload a Reading Roundup post too.

Love and best wishes,



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