Update 17/02/20 with a different kind of review!

I haven’t been well since Friday afternoon, really, so I will only manage a short post today about a new scarf app by MaiTai.

I have been following MaiTai’s wonderful blog, MaiTai’s Picture Book, for some years – it happened like this…

As I was finishing my working life and moving into retirement, I returned to one of my former loves: scarves. I started to purchase more and, after wandering around the web, came across MaiTai’s site. At first, I was only interested in her posts about scarf ties and I started to try them out with my small collection of cheap and cheerful scarves and stoles. I couldn’t help seeing her gorgeous Hermès scarves and was awe struck by their beauty. And, of course, MaiTai herself looks amazing wearing them. The fact that she uses them with mostly fairly casual outfits really inspired me and I saved up for my first ever Hermès scarf: La Promenade du Platon. It was only going to be the one!

Apart from her lovely blog, MaiTai also runs a small online shop and I have also purchased scarf rings and have admired her other wares: jewellery, handbag liners and so on.

Anyway, she has now taken her scarf knot tutorials to another level. For a small fee, you can download an app (iPhones and iPads only) to help you make a range of beautiful scarf knots. Some are very simple, others are more intricate, but all have clear instructions with videos, photos and tips. I am going to enjoy trying out and perfecting some new knots as they really lift scarf wearing above the ordinary.

The articles about each knot have lots of detailed instructions and alternative versions of the knot. MaiTai also helps you to work out how the knot would work with different scarf sizes. There is video and photographic support to really help both novices and those more expert at scarf tying. I think that there is something for everyone who is a scarf lover!

Well, I think that I need to finish writing now and go have a play. Once again, I will put a link to MaiTai’s blog post which gives you much more information about the app: Scarf Art App with ten new knots and 44 tutorials!

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 17/02/20 with a different kind of review!

  1. MaiTai says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Hope you feel better soon ❤ Best wishes, MaiTai


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