Update 30/03/20 with some frivolity!

I’m feeling a bit guilty as I write this post. Everything feels so grim at the moment and our household is not coping very well with the stress. Up until last night, we had been holding things together, but then we all had a horrible quarrel which has carried on today. We are all frightened and worried (I expect that everyone is) but these feelings, on top of ASD, became the touch paper that lit the flame.

I will not go into any further details. Let’s just say that I was in need of something frivolous to take my mind away from everything this morning. Part of the distraction plan has been watching Downton Abbey from the beginning via Amazon Prime. I hadn’t seen any of this series before and it is proving to be just the ticket!

The other distraction, however, is the source of some guilty feelings. Liberty of London are having an amazing sale until the end of today and I must admit that I succumbed! As you must know by now, I cannot resist scarves and a beautiful example in one of my favourite patterns, Ianthe (actually, an adapted version called Ianthe Star), came into view…

Ianthe Star – Liberty of London

Isn’t it simply gorgeous! Yes, I know I shouldn’t have bought it, but it will bring so much pleasure, even if I can only wear it indoors.

From a very bad and naughty Librain,



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Retired School Librarian
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