Outfit of the day 08/05/20

Even an inexpensive scarf can add so much to an outfit. I have been wearing them on and off since my late teens and still have some of my oldest and cheapest purchases in my scarf drawer. They can really add something to the plainest outfit and, in the present circumstances, can bring cheer on sad and gloomy days.

I bought this multi-coloured silk scarf in the time just before I fell down the expensive Hermès slippery slope. It has so many shades of gold, purple, orange, yellow, green and bronze with metallic splashes. So, it goes with just about anything in my wardrobe.

This week, I have worn the scarf with two of my Lands’ End short sleeved cotton mix tops. I wish I had the matching cardigans for these, but I found the tops in a sale on their own…

Outfits of the week 08/05/20

See? The scarf works well with both bright colours: purple and turquoise. I wore the tops with my boring navy joggers. I then paired bronze Art Nouveau earrings and a turquoise enamel Halcyon Days bangle with the turquoise top. The purple top looked great with multi-coloured bead earrings and a purple enamel Halcyon Days bangle.

OK, that’s all for this week. I have been really struggling for a while so I am going to try a walk later on this afternoon. I haven’t even been down the garden for ages! Now that I am too ill to work in the garden, the sight of so many healthy weeds makes me feel guilty. The garden looks so beautiful from a distance. In fact, I might actually try to take a photo for the blog so that you can see.

Hope that you have a Happy Weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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