Update 15/06/20 with some purchases

Sorry, nothing exciting really! But you know how I rate the vests by Lands’ End? I seem to have so many of them already. Anyway, they were on offer the other week and I bought two more. I watch out for offers like these on my clothing staples and pounce when they drop into my inbox.

So, I now have this collection…

They are sooo useful: as sleeveless vests in hot weather with linen trousers or skirts, or under a cardigan with jeans and a scarf on cooler days. I also wear them in bed with pyjama trousers. Very versatile. It is worth keeping an eye on them for when they are in a sale. The two I have just bought are the grey and the navy – my two base colours.

By the way, the Americans call them “tank tops”. To me, being British and having lived through the 1970s, tank tops are quite something else!

Maybe like these (knitting patterns from the 1970s):


Well, that’s all for today. I must admit that I have been very ill all weekend with several horrendous coughing attacks. I have hidden in my bedroom until I feel able to go downstairs again.

Love and best wishes,



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