Return 19/10/20

Well, I’m back today after two weeks of trying to chill in my pyjamas! I actually managed to get dressed too in an old turquoise v-neck from John Lewis, navy joggers and a rather ancient silk scarf in teal, blue and gold.

Outfit of the day 19/10/20

I have spent part of the day setting up a new laptop for Elder son. We have had a bit of a saga with it, involving being driven mad trying to set up another one, which we had to return. After spending hours trying to get it to work, I felt like throwing it out of the window! Anyway, this one seems to be a lot better – so far. I must say that I am feeling quite pleased that I managed to deal with all of this!

On Friday, I hope to be able to post photos of the MaiTai scarf rings that I bought recently to show how they look with some of my scarves. Wednesday’s post will be the usual Reading Roundup as I have read a couple of books despite feeling so ill over the last fortnight.

By the way, if this post looks a bit strange it’s because WordPress have changed their editor and I am struggling to find the functions that I normally use!

Love and best wishes,



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1 Response to Return 19/10/20

  1. Aneta says:

    Welcome back! Good to see your smile again and the scarf and jumper combo look great.
    I am looking forward to seeing your MT scarf rings in action, I have a few and find them very useful and pretty.

    Your Son is lucky to have you setting up the laptop, I need IT at work for every silly thing…

    Take care!

    with kind regards,


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