Update 27/11/20 – hassles all round!

I had planned to wear a colourful outfit with a lovely Hermès scarf today – I had been building myself up! But, events have got in the way. Things tend to come in threes, don’t they?

First event: lasted all day yesterday. Elder Son (with Autism) spent the whole day kicking off about the new COVID rules for England which have put our area into Tier 3. This stops him travelling around and visiting his friend in the way he prefers. Instead of berating Boris, ES decided to punish his parents! We ended up exhausted and distraught. I hope he calms down before this evening.

Second event: the back door broke! So, we have spent the day trying to find a good and reliable firm to repair or replace it. Hassle all round.

Third event: ES noticed that a length of guttering had become partially detached above the bathroom window. So….. we have spent the day trying to find a good and reliable firm to repair or replace it. Hassle all round again.

Events 2 and 3 are not Earth-shattering in themselves, but, added to the exhausting nature of the first event plus the poor state of our physical and mental health, they do feel difficult to sort out. Let’s hope that we can regain some equilibrium in time and not end up like this famous song from my childhood…

Wishing you all a hassle-free weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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