Update 07/12/20

This will only be a short post today as I am feeling very unwell and haven’t been able to get out of bed. I have been wearing pyjamas so much that some of them have become very tatty indeed. So, I had a search around and came across a top and trousers that I thought would work both in bed and also for lounging around the house. In fact, so many shops now have “loungewear” collections on their websites, which are especially useful in our current circumstances.

Anyway, here are the images from the Marks and Spencer website:

Cosy Lounge Rib Sweatshirt – Marks and Spencer


Cosy Wide Leg Lounge Pant – Marks and Spencer

Both pieces really are soft and cosy and in a kind of dark navy and white tweed effect. My only issue is that the legs are too long – I have very short legs. In the past, I would have shortened them, but I don’t have the energy to do that now. So, I think I will just leave things as they are and hope that I don’t trip over the hems!  Having looked at the site again, I can see that they have sold out now, but they might be re-stocked with different leg lengths. So, if I decide to buy another pair, I may be able to select shorter legs next time.

Oh, and the trousers have pockets! It’s so rare to find pockets in women’s clothes these days, but they are so useful.

I will let you know how these wash and wear in the longer term. Other colours were also available a few days ago, so if they work out for me, I might buy more in other colours.

Love and best wishes,



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