Update 14/12/20 with thoughts of Christmas preparations

This will be a short post today. Lovely Husband and Elder Son have been rushing around, cleaning and tidying up so that we can finally put up the Christmas Tree and decorations. Unfortunately, I was unable to help them because dust sets off my chronic cough. So, I had to hide away from it all whilst the mayhem was being created!

At least I can do the tree tomorrow as it is a pretty simple one to assemble. We bought it a few years ago when we realised that my health was collapsing. In previous years, I used to spend hours decorating the tree with baubles and tinsel, with help from Younger Son, and putting up all kinds of  festive frivolities around the house. Our current tree just has lots of lights and fibre optics and looks lovely on gloomy days and evenings!

Oh, I have one thing to show you before I upload this post. I follow a range of people and organisations on Twitter and one is this amazing account which posts images of, often provocative, women’s art:

I think that “provocative” is a good word for this! As a keen tea drinker, I don’t quite know what to say about this piece 😄.

Love and best wishes,



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