Update 18/01/21

I have made quite a few New Year’s resolutions for this year. I probably won’t disclose all of them, but one was to try to help out more with household tasks than I was able to last year. Lovely Husband and Elder Son do as much as they can, but there are some things that simply need me!

So, recently I have been making two To-Do lists, one household and the other personal. Today, I managed to complete a couple from the household list: finally packing up the artificial Christmas tree and changing the spent lightbulbs on the chandelier in the dining room. “Is that all?” you may ask. Yes, it was, but those two jobs have completely finished me off and I am now in bed again. I might manage another such task later, but it depends on whether I feel strong enough.

And whether my “Chaps” feel strong enough to help me balance on the step ladder!

Doing just two items on the list gives me a sense of satisfaction. For a short while, I don’t feel like a useless drag on my family but a fully contributing member.

Onto another New Year’s resolution…

Christmas presents 2020

You may remember that Younger Son gave me a gift of skincare for Christmas. As I am determined to improve the state of my complexion, I asked him for some Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I used this for many years during my working days and found it really effective. So, I have now been using this at bedtime for a couple of weeks, together with a nighttime moisturiser and I can already see an improvement. OK, the wrinkles won’t disappear – I am 64! But my face feels much smoother and softer.

My plan is to use up all of the odds and ends from my moisturiser jars before choosing a new one for my skin type as it now is. That will take quite some time as I have so many small jars with little bits of cream left over!

When all that is underway, I will begin to work out a similar plan for the rest of my skin. As someone who had very greasy skin for most of my life (and cursed it regularly), having really dry ageing skin is quite a surprise. It must be tackled before it gets worse!

Right, I think that I have confessed enough for one post! I will now turn to my latest book as I want to finish it before Wednesday’s Reading Roundup post so that I can tell you all about it!

Love and best wishes,



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