Outfits of the week 09/04/21

I am feeling rather under the weather as I attempt to write today’s post, so I am unable to make the usual collages for each outfit. Instead, I have posted the quick selfies that I use in the collages and will briefly list the clothing and accessories.

There are two outfits for you this week. The first was with my gorgeous colourway, in denim blue, pink, yellow and a range of purples, of Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal:

Outfit of the day 07/04/21 with Hermès’ Jaguar Quetzal scarf
Jaguar Quetzal by Alice Shirley for Hermès

I thought that I would show you an image of the whole scarf as well, because it is so amazing! It was worn with my Marks and Spencer lilac cashmere v-neck, a purple scarf ring by MaiTai, amethyst earrings by Blue Nile and a purple enamel and gold Halcyon Days bangle.

Today I am wearing Hermès’ Musique des Dieux scarf, tied in an asymmetric knot with a mother of pearl scarf ring by MaiTai:

Outfit of the day 09/04/21 with Hermès’ Musique des Dieux scarf
Musique des Dieux by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr for Hermès

With this scarf, I am wearing a John Lewis navy cashmere v-neck, ice blue crystal earrings from Sainsbury’s, and an old silver bangle. The scarf colours are purple, green, black, pale blue and white with a border in silver grey.

Once again, I still wore my navy pyjama bottoms with these lovely outfits. They are so much more comfortable than trousers!

Anyway, I hope that you like these outfits and I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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