Update 26/04/21 with a gorgeous reveal

The reveals have been coming thick and fast so far this year! Boredom because of lock-down and illness is not good for my bank account. Anyway, here is the reveal of a purchase that I made earlier in the year and received last week…

The first peek inside the box…

And this is the beautiful handbag in deep purple Africa leather: Massaccesi’s midi Selene with dark gunmetal hardware and a purple lining.

Midi Selene handbag by Marco Massaccesi

I must apologise for the quality of some of these photos. The sun was shining directly into my bedroom and I’m a pretty hopeless photographer at the best of times!

My first Massaccesi bag was a midi Selene in dark blue Africa leather, although I also added the zip option. I have bought other designs since, most notably the Victoria, but I decided to return to the Selene for what is probably my final bag purchase. I will almost certainly buy SLGs (small leather goods), in the future, but I have now a wonderful range of handbags and no room at all for any more!

Ah, but wait…. there are some other items inside the handbag! What could they be?

This time I am going to show you the contents of the handbag in a slideshow format…

The bracelets are in Persian Green, Cobalt and Silver “Diamond” calf leather with gold hardware. They are a great way for Marco to use up scraps of leather to make sure that there is very little wastage. I might also look at purchasing some mini bags to use inside my larger bags in the future, or tassels, as well as more of these beautiful bracelets.

The gorgeous handbag and bracelets will look wonderful with many of my scarves and jewellery. So, I think that I will plan another post with full photos to show you all. I have already carried the bag, when I went to the doctor’s last week, so that outfit will be uploaded on Friday, all being well.

Right, I suppose that I will have to build up my strength so that I can have a cupboard and wardrobe clear out. Or move into a bigger house!

Love and best wishes,



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3 Responses to Update 26/04/21 with a gorgeous reveal

  1. Kcjoehermesballet says:

    Such a fabulous grape purple. I really like your new bag, Anne.


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