Update 05/07/21 with a real disappointment!

Oh, I am feeling so sad and disappointed today!

OK, it’s only an online purchase and not the end of the world, but I had built myself up and when the package arrived I was so excited. Then, when I opened the box and saw the gorgeous colour of the contents, I was thrilled!

Then I was bumped back down to Earth when I tried to put on these stunning boots…

My feet fitted perfectly, but they wouldn’t zip up – my ankles are too thick 😭😢😭😢! So, they are being returned. I didn’t realise that the wider fit version of the boots would have such a tight fit on the ankles.

Well, never mind. I really don’t need any more boots. I just fell in love with the colour of these, plus the stitching you can see on the images above. At least I will get my money back.

Wednesday’s post will be the usual Reading Roundup and I have actually managed to finish my book! I am planning a gorgeous reveal post for Friday (🥰😍🥰😍🥰).

Love and best wishes,



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